“Lagos and South West are far Beyond the Reach of Incompetent President and his Party”.

Source: pointblanknews.com

The Lagos state chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has described President Goodluck Jonathan as an incompetent president that merely wants to perpetuate a corrupt and inept party. The party says it is reacting to the statement made by Jonathan in Ibadan that Lagos and South West are too precious to be left at the hands of rascals, a statement the party says, proves the fact that the country is being ran by a clearly incompetent president and a corrupt party that must be shown the way out after twelve years of disaster.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party said that Jonathan has nothing to show for his stay in power except a bizarre desperate bid to stay in power by all means. It advises Jonathan to go and take tutorials on leadership instead of making embarrassing and often teleguided gaffes that reduce the perception of the office of the presidency among Nigerians.

“We are not worried by the unguarded and uncouth statements made by Jonathan in his party's rally in Ibadan but we would have been pleasantly surprised if Jonathan failed to make his usual horrible gaffes those have sold him out as a teleguided, incompetent president that knows nothing about administering a state, talk not of a country. That he would stay at the ruins of Ibadan and indeed Oyo State, in company of the renegades that have reduced a once proud state to an unending theater of war, a dead and hobbled state and a theater of mediocrity to label progressive leaders of the South west as rascals, shows that Jonathan cannot ever get it.

“Still smarting from the bitter experience he had in Lafia, Nasarawa State, where his flag off campaign was disrupted by angry Nigerians and his party men decked with stones and raw anger, we would have expected Jonathan to exhibit caution and maturity in his next port of call though, as it has been proved, we expected much of a president that is led by the nose by godfathers of do or die politics and corrupt and incompetent leadership. His unguarded statements showed he lacks a soul of his own and only thinks through those that set him on stage, like a mummified dummy that must say something to please his godfathers who failed woefully in either advancing the interests of the South West or beat back the progressive reclamation of Nigeria that has started in the South West.

“We recall that Jonathan's only high profile role in the South West has been his headship of the presidential rigging machinery that wrought the infamous Ido Osi forgery and watching that mission fail woefully in October and watching yet as another stolen mandate was recovered in Osun and being left with just two jesters in the South west is a frightening recipe for electoral disaster but he was prodded into further deepening the woes of his party by his penchant for flippant and careless statements, a proof that he is teleguided by those that plotted his coming and want him there as a marionette that satisfies their own quest for perpetual power.

“Is it not a proof that Jonathan is grossly incompetent that the nation's infrastructures have continued to decay under Jonathan's watch? Is it not proof that Jonathan knows nothing about administration that our roads, hospital, schools continue on their downward slip while Jonathan and his PDP make merry at our expense? Is it not worrying that Jonathan is gallivanting all over Nigeria in a desperate bid to stay in power while unemployment, kidnapping, killings of all sorts, armed robbery and other vices assail the citizens? is it not proof that Nigeria needs a competent and well driven president as

“Lagos ACN would not be drawn into joining issues with Jonathan on who are the real rascals in the South West and indeed Lagos because we know Jonathan himself knows that he was indulging in self mockery especially with the laughable caliber of South West politicians that flanked him while he was making that mindless statement. Jonathan knows like every Nigerian, that like the way it came, the PDP is going extinct in the South West and indeed many parts of Nigeria given their woeful performance in twelve years of uninterrupted plunder of the country. He knows that he has either legacy or monument to point for PDP's forced and mercenary stay in the South West and because the South West people are sophisticated, they will permanently rue being forcefully conscripted to a cult of moths called PDP that completely wrecked the South West while their inglorious era lasted.

“We may not waste time on Jonathan and his wild dream of capturing Lagos with half a party and a neophyte governorship candidate. He knows that it is an impossible dream that defied all the corrupt force of his godfather for eight years. He knows that with the sterling performance of Governor Fashola, which now provokes anger and discontent among the PDP members that Lagos has gone far out of his wobbly reach and that of his crassly incompetent and ultra party. He knows, as a fact that Lagos and the South West are progressive enclaves which are recovering from the bizarre disasters the moths with whom Jonathan is now dreaming of capturing Lagos and South West left it.

“We want to tell Jonathan that a party that has wasted twelve years of a nation looted and raped her treasury and made the people destitute has no right to think of continuing. We want to let them know that the coming election would be decided on performance and we are happy that our governors are proving great performers which makes them rascals to a president and party that never believes in good performance.”