By NBF News

AIR France KLM passenger traffic has increased by 4.8 per cent with capacity up to 3.3per cent, leading to a 1.1point gain in the load factor to 79.2 per cent in January 2011.

The number of passengers rose from 6.7 per cent to 5.4 million. However the unit revenues, although higher than last year, saw a levelling-off.

On the Americas network, traffic and capacity rose by 1.3 per cent and 1.7 per cent respectively. The load factor declined slightly to 83.4 per cent (-0.3 points).

According to the airline, the Asia network remained dynamic with traffic up 7.4 per cent for capacity up by 6.4 per cent. The load factor gained 0.7 points to 85.4 per cent.

The Africa and Middle East network saw traffic up 2.8 per cent, in line with capacity (+2.7 per cent). The load factor remained stable at 76.4 per cent.

The Caribbean and Indian Ocean network enjoyed a robust level of activity with traffic up 5.4 per cent for stable capacity (+0.2 per cent). The load factor progressed strongly to reach the high level of 84.8 per cent (+4.2 points).

On the European network, traffic rose 9.3 per cent and capacity by 4.5 per cent. In consequence, the load factor improved 2.8 points to 64.4 per cent.

In January 2011, cargo traffic rose in line with capacity (by 3.4 per cent and 3.3 per cent respectively). The load factor was stable at 64.3 per cent. Unit revenue was compared with January 2010, which already benefited from a more favourable operating environment.