Writing A Script

By Joy Della Ocloo
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screenplays contain a moment when the protagonist is thrown out of his old life and forced to embark on an untraveled road. That moment is the catalyst. The conflict for your story
Thus we can say that the catalyst in the story is when the hero or the protagonist is forced to handle a situation or pursue a desire.

Plotting a story

Imagine having a routine life; Monday through Friday you go to work at the office. Through sleepy eyes, you spend endless weekends in a noisy neighborhood's with churches drumming your ears out. If you're lucky, you might get to watch a demon being cast out of a member with loud tongues rising to heaven.
But you secretly long to be having a steamy affair with your handsome but married neighbor. Then one day, you get knocked down by a car and wake up to find yourself in another world, 30 years past, married to your dream man. ( the married one)

But in this age, he is not as handsome and he leads a band of war loving bandits to torture other villages. You suddenly see him as he was past and your big thing now is to get the heck out of that world back into your own time.

But first, you must get to know who you were and why you got there because that is the only way you can get out. But the other problem is, you are considered the witch of the village and no one will talk to you. you've got to make a friend to get out of there.

Here now in the world of writing, you have created a challenge, an uncharted course for your protagonist.

next week, we will complete the story.

One thing writers must realize is that effective writing is writing that you can identify with. Maybe you are creating a man, a poor man, think about that man you met on an okada, trying to climb onto it. It is better effective to create images from which you can relate. Until you become a great writer, pay attention to your surroundings, people you meet and people you talk to. Listen.... a lot.