§ 1. Introduction
In this modern world where people had been educated to know the different forms of governments, no one wants to be reminded of the past where many inhabitants were forced to give their allegiance to a leader who ruled them with iron fist. These periods were the times when many people lost their homes and other important properties to barbarians who inhabited in their vicinities, so there were no adequate moments to rationalize concerning who was a good leader to lead the people or not. So far as a group of people had a leader who could fight their enemies and lead them out from oppression, there was satisfaction and gratitude to this particular hero, so no one bothered about how he ascended to power, either by usurping other competent leader or assassinating the legitimate leader who ruled with some insights guided by professionalism.

It is a big contrast in comparison to the present age, where leaders are scrutinized by their subjects or citizens, who are more concerned with the methods of ruling than the idea of shielding them from enemies or barbarians inhabiting in the region or the neighborhood. Educated by the modern society in which they live, and with the profuse transmission of information ascertained by the Internet age, the present day citizens have become more competent about the different forms of governments, and these have influenced them so much so that they could decide at any period in time when to change the government and the leadership that steers the affairs of their country in a haphazard manner. This paper deals with the modern day dictators, who do not want to change their ways and behaviors, even though the world is moving at a faster rate with modern developments that signal the warning of a change from the old ways to modern civilization.

The purpose of the present paper is to furnish us with some finish off histories and methods concerning how leaders, who either forced themselves through circumstances to rule some people, or decided to remain in power through illegitimate means, were finally gotten rid off by the same people who lived under their prolong oppression. They either came to power through false means, or decided to manipulate the citizens so that they could become their everlasting Presidents or Prime Ministers.

§ 2. Octavian Method
Let the procedure, where an important leader who became a dictator for a long period, and through oppression maltreated his citizens or subjects, and as a result the people planned his death, so that he was injected by poison through collaboration with his personal doctors or enemies be called the Octavian method.

This is a procedure which was used in the ancient periods, which was impossible to detect due to lack of good methods to do the investigation that time. It could also be asserted that many people were ignorant about this manner of silencing a wicked leader, as one could always make attribution to the fact that the gods or God killed this leader. An example could be found in the Bible, where David during his paranoid problem/behavior ran away from King Saul into the wildness and later found out that the old man who had a beautiful wife would not even allow his wife to offer them food and water, though he was extremely hungry. It was alleged later that God killed that old man and David was lucky to have gotten a wife after the death of this old man. Abigail was the young wife.

§ 3. Nkrumah Method
If a leader who was elected by his people who cherished him so much, but happened to later become a dictator, that is, he would not like to give up power nor allow another to come after him. If after so many attempts to counsel him, so that he could change his method and manners of governing it did nothing to persuade him to change his ways. And if after all these troubles his people through collaboration with many people in the country chose another leader to replace him, which occurred in the form of employing force and coercion when he was abroad, that is, outside in a foreign country. Then, this particular procedure of removing a dictator should be termed the Nkrumah method.

The Philippine former leader, President Marcos, was removed from power through this means. He was later persuaded by the United States who had alliance with him to stay outside the country. He later died in exile. Many modern leaders had been removed through this procedure, unfortunately, many disturbances occurred which should not have been so due to the fact that the leader was already much hated by his people.

§ 4. Renaissance Method
If a leader of a country happened to become a dictator, and as a result he maltreated his subjects or citizens, and moreover, on top of this he decided not to give up power to the citizens that have brought him to power. And if after careful consideration, the citizens decide to plan a sit-down-strike in order to force him to give up power. If at the last minute this procedure works such that the leader did give power and allowed peace to prevail, then this mechanism where the dictator was removed from power should be called the Renaissance method.

The sit-down-strike worked very well against the colonial powers. It was used by the countries that gained independence earlier in West Africa and also in India, where Nkrumah and Mahatma Gandhi used respectively this method of hunger strike and non-violence to shake the Imperial Empire, that is, the British. Dr Martin Luther King, the Baptist Pastor, used this in his Civil Right Movement to demand recognition of most of the problems which the Black Americans faced.

§ 5. The Family Method
Let the modus operandi, where a renowned leader who became an authoritarian for a long period of time in the history of a sovereign nation, and through oppression maltreated his citizens or subjects, and due to these incessant problems with regard to the tyrannical rule, the citizens planned his death, so that he was given poison through his food through collaboration with his personal cook or enemies be called the Family method.

Many dictators that ran away from their people after so many years of maltreating them even feared that they would be eliminated through this method. They would fear their own cooks and those who feed them. Many Kings who became tyrants for many years were asserted to have been eliminated through this procedure, and in those days, they could pretend that these kings were ill and died of a serious illness. The gods or God became angry with him and he was later killed by God. In the Christian circles, this method found its way into the most holy places on earth. Alexander the Great, the Greek Emperor, was said to have died through this means.

§ 6. The Magician Method
If a dictator maltreats his people in many different cruel ways, and through manipulation he commits his people to go to unnecessary wars against other people living in peace in the neighborhood. And if these maltreatments continue and his rule of torture is not being abated, but he decides to hang on to power and would not allow any other person to come after him. And if the citizens through collaboration find a way to allow him to cease to exist through assassination by an enemy or a traitor in his own country, then this particular procedure of removing a dictator should be called the Magician method.

Julius Caesar, the Roman general, and many important figures in modern times had been eliminated through this means (i.e., President Anwar Sadat of Egypt), and usually, the conspirators are very close friends of the victims, such as Brutus, in the case of Caesar.

§ 7. Algerian-Egyptian Method
Let the procedure, where citizens demonstrate in high numbers as of millions to indicate their abhorrence to dictatorship and lack of a functioning government; where these mass demonstrations are capable of driving a dictator from the country in question to run away to seek refuge in a foreign nation or succumb to pressure to resign from power be known as the Algerian-Egyptian method of removing an unwanted dictator from power.

Ceaceascu, the Romanian leader, did not want to flee and therefore met his death. Those who through wisdom ran for their life can save themselves and their properties, but those who heed not could fall victims to the anger of the demonstrators. President Idi Armin had to flee and also Mengistu of Ethiopia ran away from his country.

§ 8. Abacha Method
Suppose that there was a leader who after many years of coming to power through false means of assassination of the current leader or usurpation by force of a legitimate leader. If after so many years of his tyrannical rule and destruction, he still wants to maintain power without giving back to the people who are the repository of power, and after so many years of atrocities the citizens plan his death or removal by trapping him with what he likes best or through his Achilles heels, such as women or food, then, this particular mechanism of removing an unwanted dictator should be called the Abacha approach.

There have been some incidences where leaders are ensnared by the people or his enemies who employed something he liked best or they used a woman he loved to trap him down. The Biblical example of Samson (name meaning, the one who could catch an elephant, that is, samsono) is one classic case. Here, his strength was hidden from many people except the woman he loved who could reveal this secret to his enemies. Consequently, his enemies got him and he was arrested and killed in a dramatic manner that engulfed many people. This story is told around as one way whereby tyranny could be eradicated.

§ 9. Empire Method
If there is a dangerous personality out there, who everybody in the globe abhor due to his wicked ways, and the manner he deals with his own citizens whom he professes to cherish, adore, and rule. And if this person happens to become a dictator, that is, not listening to the voice of the citizens who have voted him into power, and instead maltreats these citizens as well as plans to force his own son to become the next leader without the consent of the citizens. And if through pressure from the international community he is abhorred, sanctioned, and banned from leaving his country, to any part of the globe. And if after successful negotiation this dictator leaves power by himself, then, this method of utilizing pressure from the international assembly to remove a dictator should be called the Empire technique.

It is the most common procedure used by the modern world as a result of some bad behavior of a particular leader. This international isolation, which is employed to put pressure on certain leaders, has been found to be effective. The United Nations have been the leading organization that had championed this procedure in the world against dictators, who either will not cooperate in terms of Nuclear armament or support terrorist activities in their countries.

§ 10. The New Wave Method
Suppose there is a dictator out there who his wicked ways have reached all parts of the world, and yet the nation and its citizens harbor this personality that both the world and the citizens of the nation testify he is tyrant and authoritarian. If the nation that harbors this dictator knows all these atrocities and yet they still cherish this leader, then, the problem is more with these feeble and pathetic people than with this wicked dictator who is doing these bad deeds. If later such a leader is directly or indirectly experiencing troubles of being removed, then, the situation of lingering troubles irrespective of how long it takes makes the procedure to be called the New Wave method.

Experience and meticulous observations have revealed that, only fools and ignorant people appreciate dictators in their midst; those who are wise and a little bolder could always drive away these dictators or “political robots”, who sometimes could also act as “political puppets” for different countries around the globe.

A useful strategy: When nations use implicit demonstrations as a form of political pressure to remove a dictator, the demonstrations should be continuous, and should not substitute the non-violence means immediately for any other method. It is easier to employ the non-violence means in solving problems of this nature than any other forms of expressions used previously by nations on this planet.

§ 11. Concluding Remarks
According to Sir Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion, a rock of mass m acted upon by an unbalanced force F will experience an acceleration a proportional to and in the same direction as F; with appropriate units of , F = ma. If the rock is sitting on the ground it is acted on by two forces, the force of gravity acting downward and reaction of the ground acting upward. These forces balance, so there is resulting acceleration. On the other hand, if the rock is up in the air and is unsupported, the gravitational force on it will be unbalanced and the rock will experience downward acceleration. It will fall.

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