Eucharia Anuobi On Tour

Eucharia Anuobi
Eucharia Anuobi
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Star actress Eucharia Anunobi is currently on European tour. No, it's not what you think. She's not shooting a movie or anything close to that. She is visiting friends all over Europe as a treat to herself.

She was spotted in Moenchengladbach in Germany and also in Verona in Spain.

Gist was that she was spotted in Spain, the actress was on a shopping spree and left an un-named shopping outlet with more bags than she could carry. (we hope she's not buying more body revealing cloth oh.) No, she was not spotted with her new lover boy, Gerald.

It's good to know that she is happy and enjoying life, but if you ask me, I would suggest that she branches into Holland where her estranged hubby is hiding and fishes him out to tell him, “stop hiding, I have moved on.”

The actress is expected back in the country before the month of July 2008 runs out. Please, if you spot her, ask her on my behalf if she had a great time shopping. You can also ask her if she bought anymore shocking clothes to thrill us with.