Imo State Indigenes in the Diaspora Urge Imo Indigenes To Register To Vote

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Imo State indigenes in the Diaspora under the auspices of THE OHAKIM 2011 CONSOLIDATION MANDATE GROUP IN THE DIASPORA, urge Imo State citizens and all Nigerians to register to vote. We urge Imo State indigenes to register massively to participate in upcoming April polls. We commend the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega for extending voters registration exercise and we strongly urge Imo State and Nigerian citizens to take advantage of the extension to register massively. Also, we urge Church Leaders to mobilize their congregation to fully participate in the ongoing voters' registration. It is the moral obligation of the spiritual leaders to ensure that their followers and Christians and Moslems participate in the electoral process, particularly in Imo State . Additionally, all the community leaders, as well as the traditional rulers should encourage members of their community, towns to register to vote.

THE OHAKIM 2011 CONSOLIDATION MANDATE GROUP is making/sending massive calls, texting, and emailing to church leaders, traditional leaders, as well as relatives, to participate and get others to register to vote. THE OHAKIM 2011 CONSOLIDATION MANDATE GROUP is comprised of intellectuals of Imo State origins who reside in various parts of United States , Canada , and others. This group has national officials and state officers in the Diaspora. The organizational hierarchy is designed to enlarge and attract the support for Governor Ohakim from those people who have not been active or participating in Imo State politics in the past. The group will generate grassroots support for Gov Ohakim, including increasing the support-base to get Ohakim re-elected in order to ensure political stability in Imo State .

Meanwhile, we appeal to Imo indigenes to help foster political harmony in Imo State by ensuring that the political arrangement in Imo State is maintained. It is our collective responsibility to re-elect Chief/Dr. Ikedi Ohakim to complete his plans for Imo State . The political arrangement in Imo State allows Gov Ohakim to run for second term to ensure that the letter and the spirit of the arrangement are maintained and carried out. Based on this arrangement, it will be the turn of Owerri zone to produce a governor in Imo State in 2015. THE OHAKIM 2011 CONSOLIDATION MANDATE GROUP urges all well-meaning people to support Gov. Ohakim's re-election bid for the political stability of Imo State . Again, Imo State can no longer afford to experience political instability because of selfish interest of a very few individuals at a huge expenses of the masses. Again, it is our collective responsibility to make sure that Imo State remains stable. It is imperative for people to register to vote!

1. Acho Orabuchi, Ph.D., National Chairman, THE OHAKIM 2011 CONSOLIDATION MANDATE GROUP

2. Marshall Madu, Ph.D., National Vice Chairman
3. Clement Onyenemezu, Ph.D. National Secretary
4. George Njoku, Ph.D., National Mobilization Director

5. Loretta Mbadugha, Ph.D., National Women Leader