CPC/ACN Merger Talks: Response to Chief Bisi Akande.

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Much as we do not wish to engage in polemics with Chief Bisi Akande, the national chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria , we feel a sense of obligation to millions of our supporters and Nigerians in general to set the records straight.  

  Though Chief Akande has chosen to air brush the impossible demands of the ACN during the merger talks, we wish to set the records straight for posterity.    

  1.It was/ is generally agreed that the excesses of the PDP has brought Nigeria to a dangerous and sorry state, a state that life has become short and brutal.

  2.It is a universally accepted fact that the PDP has no plans to contribute value to the life of an average Nigerian.  

  3.It is common knowledge that Chief Bisi Akande was vehemently opposed to the candidature of Mallam Buhari.   He openly indicated his preference for a younger candidate. He advocated for power transfer to a new generation of Nigerians.  

  4.Much as we cannot fault his desire for a younger generation of rulers under a democratic dispensation, we reserve the right to present our own candidate as we see fit.  

  4.The insistence of the ACN to present one of their own as the Vice presidential candidate was unacceptable to the CPC.   It was the death point during the talks. Besides the fact that it would have created a sense of religious impropriety, it would not have augured well for the country at a time when religious tension and schism is at its peak. Besides, we were troubled by the fact that the ACN came to the table at every talk with only one major   demand. That was the proposal for one of their own to clinch the VP slot.    Unfortunately, their candidate is   one of   the politicians in Nigeria who is   regarded as a POLITICALLY EXPOSED PERSON.  

  5.We have no hands in the domestic problems of the ACN. Rather the Buhari/Bakare campaign organization is focused on wresting power from the jailers of our souls in the PDP and restoring the glory of Nigeria . We are determined to bring about a responsive and responsible government to Nigeria . A government that will restore our locust years ;   one that will make us proclaim our citizenship in the four corners of the world with pride.  

  From Dubai to Ghana , Lagos to Abuja , the ACN was unable to see the larger picture. Rather it was fixated with the ambition of one man and that was the only condition presented to us.  

  It is then rather unfortunate that Chief Bisi Akande has chosen to play the ostrich game by writing a letter that border on political mischief. While we wish him and his party well, we are still not averse to forming a partnership with them to defeat the PDP in April, 2011. Indeed, we will be happy to resume our talks with them as long as the ambitions of only one person are not paramount.  

  Finally, we want to correct the impression, rumors and innuendos about Tunde Bakare's state of origin. While we are all proud Nigerians, Pastor Bakare is a proud son of Egbaland. He is not related to Kwara state   by blood or by marriage.  

  We want to implore all our supporters and all lovers of Nigeria to continue their struggle for the liberation of Nigeria from the Mafia in the PDP who are holding us hostage.  

  God bless all our teeming supporters.  
  God bless Nigeria .  
  Stella Lebi
  Buhari/Bakare Campaign.