9ice shuns honeymoon

Source: Chibueze Okereke for http://www.nigeriafilms.com
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Newly married Abolore Akande a.k.a 9ice, has decided it is not yet time to frolick but to chase the cash.

Many a newly-wed musicians would have stepped down all activities including performing at shows to honeymoon with their spouses but 9ice is boosting his pocket instead.

The Gongo Aso chap left for London on Tuesday night aboad Virgin Nigeria to perform at a show last night (Friday) in London.

The show, according to his media minder, Ayeni Adekunye, was packaged by Black Night, a popular outfit.

“His honeymoon will have to wait, that is if he will go on it at all,” Adekunle told Entertainment Extra.

Last week, some music lovers in Nigeria were hit by the surprising news that Abolore Adigun Akande, popularly known as 9ice, had got married to his hearthrob, Tony Payne. Not a few of his fans, who had expected a highly publicized society wedding, were shocked beyond description.

However, it appears that 9nice, who was recently named the new face of the popular Osun/Osogbo festival, had his reasons for making it a hush–hush affair.

9nice, who was the only Nigerian musician that performed at the 90th birthday concert for the Madiba, Nelson Mandela, sang about Wedding Day, a song purportedly done for his new wife, in Gongo Aso. In the track, 9ice sends a warning signal to other girls, saying, “Gbogbo awon e still dey lay/ Omo se gobe…”

Cheering as the news is, the marriage of any eligible superstar, all over the world, often marks the beginning of some challenge in his or her career. For instance, it is generally believed that the majority of the people that buy CDs and magazines that carry the pictures of these stars are the female fans. And often times, they drag their lovers to watch their idols in performance.

They tend to be attracted the more when it is obvious that the said celebrity is still single and ready to mingle. One of 9nice's most loved tracks is Bachelor's Life in which he declares that he is a bachelor and has no wife at home. Usually, many female fans had dreamt of filling that gaping hole in his life. But following his marriage, many girls are disappointed now.

A number of times, many male and female celebrities have denied their relationships. Until recently, D'banj has never admitted having a serious relationship. Also, despite his many romantic adventures with some ladies, Tu Face, who is a father already, is yet to be legally married. And a lady reportedly committed suicide in China after hearing that Jacki Chan was married. Obviously, the kung fu king never knew he had such a desperate fan.

For many reasons known to him, the Gongo Aso crooner has decided to tie the knot, but was he pressured into the union? Why was the ceremony done in a low-key manner? So many questions still begging for answers!