By Tunji Oluwasanmi

The Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) has called on the police, the State Security Services (SSS) and other relevant security agencies in the country to conduct a thorough investigation into the mysteries surrounding the death of an Israeli, Mr. Daniel Lamdan in a hotel in Ado-Ekiti last week.

Lamdan, who was in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital on the invitation of the State governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi to carry an undisclosed assignment was found dead his hotel room at Fountain Hotel, Ado-Ekiti last Thursday.

Reacting to the death, EJG, in a statement signed by its Coordinator, Dr. Tunji Oluwasanmi said the circumstances surrounding the expatriate's death was suspicious, adding that; “the police and other security agencies in the country must unravel what lead to his death and the purpose of his visit.”

The group said the State Government's handling of the death was enough to show that the government was “hiding something”, saying; “If an expatriate, who was a guest of the governor died since last week and the government choose to keep it secret, something is wrong somewhere.”

While also berating the police for not deeming it necessary to make any arrest since last week, the group said it was strange that a foreigner would be discovered dead in a hotel and no single person was questioned!

Said the group; “Even if it was a mad person that was discovered dead, questions ought to have been asked by the police. But curiously, the police have not lift a single finger since the Israeli was found dead!

Is this not interesting?”
“From information available to us, Mr. Lamdan was a guest of Governor Kayode Fayemi. He (Lamdan) had dinner at the government house, Ado-Ekiti before he was lodged at Fountain Hotel on the State Government bill.

“Furthermore, we are aware that instead of official of the State Protocol Department, the deceased was accosted to the hotel by one of the security aides of the governor. In fact, the last person, who saw Lamdan before he was found dead, was the said security aide.

“Also, we are aware that the Israeli was a security expert and his mission in the State was not unconnected with training of personal 'security boys' which the governor intends to use for the general elections.

“From the fore-goings, the death of the Israeli should not be treated with levity. It must be investigated and the cause, motive and the real reason for his visit unraveled,” the group said.