By NBF News

Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) presidential candidate, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari (retd) and Senator Olorunnmibe Mamora have said the manner Nigerians had been trooping out to register for the April election was an indication that they were determined to rescue the country from political and economic quagmire.

The duo made the assertion in Lagos at different fora after they observed that inspite of the hurdles being faced by Nigerians in their efforts to get registered for the coming elections, they had not relented nor deterred, rather, they kept on until they got registered.

Buhari, who spoke though his spokesman, Mr. Yinka Odumakin during a dinner organised for journalists in Lagos during the weekend asserted that 'the fate of this country will be decided by the people in April, ' warning that 'anybody who stand in the way of the people will be crushed by the people.'

According to him, the determination and commitment being exhibited by the people to get registered for the election inspite of all the obstacles being encountered in the process 'is a clear indication that they are set to rescue their country from the hands of thieves and looters.'

While expressing the enthusiasm that 'money will be useless this time to bribe voters,' Buhari said 'the desperation on the face of the people, Buhari observed, was a sufficient warning signal that 'whoever dares them would have himself to blame,' adding 'it appeared they have resolved to change the country through voting or through revolt.'

Speaking in the same vein, Mamora, after an inspection tour of the registration centres in his Lagos East Senatorial District told journalists that 'my observation with the trooping out of the people to register is that people are now determined than ever to take their destiny into their hands.'

According to him, there was no gainsaying that Nigerians were tired of being taken for granted all this while suspecting that 'that must have informed their resorting to register to get rid of bad governance by choosing right leaders with their votes.'

The Senator, who expressed satisfaction that the exercise was going on more effectively after the extension however warned 'whoever nurses any idea about rigging to discard it,' pointing out that 'this time, the Nigerian people are set to assert their God given sovereighty.'