By NBF News

Former military governor of old Kaduna State, Col Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (retd), has berated northern elders for not paying attention to the Jos, Maiduguri crises and instead, focusing on electoral politics. He also warned Nigerian politicians to refrain from the current politicking centered on sectarian basis.

He told Daily Sun in Kaduna: 'I am worried about the situation in Jos.

I thought by now, our northern elders would pay more attention to the crisis in Jos and make all efforts to try and put off the fire rather than concentrating on playing just electoral politics. The fire that is raging in Jos, Plateau State, is pretty dangerous and it has to be put off soon.

'I am also concerned about the situation in Maiduguri, Borno State. The Ibo are already threatening to close shops or to even migrate from Maiduguri. That is worrisome also. 'I know that the Ibo are very hardworking people. They are spread all over the country and I cannot even remember when last I heard of northerners or any other tribe threatened in Iboland. I hope our northern elders would pay more attention to these two hot spots and do all they can to ensure that the fire is put off.'

On the insinuations that President Goodluck Jonathan may end up ruining Nigeria due to incapability, with particular reference to the current security challenges in the nation, Umar said: 'How could he? How could he ruin Nigeria? I do not even understand what people are talking about. How would he ruin the country?  

'That is what I am talking about. It is the sectionalism that has been brought to play in the politics of this country. I hope politicians would approach their campaigns in a more patriotic way.

'I cannot see how and I do not even understand what people mean by saying he is going to destroy this country. I hope Nigerians will elect people based on what they can deliver to improve the common good rather than where they are from or what religion they practise.

'The text messages I keep reading from both sides, and particularly from the members of the clergy, the Imams and some pastors, the comments are very worrisome. It will be dangerous to seek to divide this country just for the purpose of winning elections on sectarian lines. 'We say that we are one people and one destiny. How can one people and one destiny start talking about electing people on the basis of religion or even ethnicity? It is worrisome, it is highly divisive and it is pretty dangerous?'

While appealing to both sides to show restrain so that Nigeria can maintain national unity and the progress of our nation, Umar said he was concerned about the futile effort to divide this country on sectional basis and again for the purpose of ruling this country: 'It is not right to say that there is any candidate that can win election just by winning one section of this country. That is why the constitution is very clear that you need to have national spread. I hope people would desist from sectional politics.

'Look at all the candidates with their credentials and see which candidate will deliver the dividends of democracy. Elect him on that basis and not minding where he is from or his religious extraction.'