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I am absolutely sure the text message was surely not meant for me. Because all my friends know my type of person and will never forward this type of text to me. But all the same my mobile phone sounded and when I opened the text, behold here is the message in Hausa language ‘Allah ya tsinema Cardinal Isa Yuguda, Reverend Murtala Nyako, Bishop Shehu Shema and Pastor Sule Lamido. Most Reverend Sunusi Daggash & Priest Abba Aji. They are the enemies of the North and Islam. VOTE FOR BUHARI. Pls Forward same to others.’

You can see why I said the above text message was never meant for in the first place. I am very sure many others persons might have received this text accidentally and by chance like me. The originator of the above text must be very foolish. In the 21st century he is confirming the rumor that has been spreading like wild fire about the amiable General Buhari since 2003. He should have known that mobile are controlled by human beings.

What is the reason for equating the North with Islam if I may ask? Such foolish text messages will just increase the temperature of an overheated polity.

If the originator of the text is talking of Northern governors who voted for Dr Goodluck Jonathan at the PDP primaries, why exclude Governors Bukola Saraki, Jonah Jang, Ibrahim Idris, Patrick Yakowa, Gabriel Suswam, Danbaba Suntai, Aliyu Doma and Danjuma Goje? At least all the above governors are governors of Northern states since they attend the Northern Governors Forum meeting.

If the originator of the text message is accusing his mentioned governors because they are Muslims, are they more Muslims than Ibrahim Idris of Kogi State? Bukola State, Aliyu Doma and Danjuma Goje are also Muslims and are equally from the North. Unless there is another criteria for defining who is a Muslim and Northerner. Silly and unpatriotic people should not overheat the polity with their religious and regional politics which belongs to yesteryears. We hereby commend Governors Murtala Nyako, Shehu Shema, Sule Lamido, Isa Yuguda and all the other Northern governors who voted for national unity rather than for tribal and regional politics.

Such text message is another minus for General Buhari’s aspiration as he is being portrayed as a Northern Muslim candidate. If General Buhari wants to make headway and fulfill his ambition of becoming a civilian president of Nigeria, he must call his supporters to order and dissociate himself from such wicked text messages being circulated on his behalf. Even if he picks Tunde Bakare as his running mate as is being speculated, the above type of text would have done much damage to his name just like in 2003.

General Buhari redeem your name.
AG Girei writes from Jimeta Yola and can be reached on [email protected]

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