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This is a rejoinder to Mr. Valentine Obienyem's article on the above subject (ref: Daily Sun of Wednesday, January 19 2011, page 19) Although Mr. Valentine Obienyem's write-up did not give any insight about his affiliation, the said article portrayed him as a bad critic.

I make bold to say that I do not owe Mr Obienyem or anybody for that matter, any apology for my outing and utterances at Silverbird (Rhythm FM 95.5) Radio Station, Awka on January 8, 2011. This is because I did not tell any iota of lie during this said radio programme.

No matter the picture Mr Obienyem may have painted or wants to paint in favour of the state of education in Anambra State, the fact remains that I am better informed because I am directly involved. To this extent, his inappropriate reaction, which is a calculated attempt to smear my person, may have been borne out of a desire to win favour from Anambra State Governor.

If Mr Obienyem may wish to know, my background and experience as a microbiologist fully agrees with my output and disposition as an outstanding lecturer. I am a square peg in a square hole. I have no doubt that every liberated mind, which I have come across, adjudged me a model lecturer.

I was the best graduating student in Applied Microbiology & Brewing Department at the then Anambra State University of Technology, Awka Campus way back in 1989. I was also the second best in the Faculty of Biological Sciences in the same year. I am certain my lecturers then, most of whom are still in the same Department at Nnamdi Azikiwe University including the distinguished Prof. Mrs CA Oyeka, immediate past Deputy Vice Chancellor of Anambra State University, and FJC Odibo, a distinguished Professor of Microbial Enzymology and Dean of Biosciences will be amused at Mr Obienyem's article, which questions my preparation and competence as a lecturer.

It is Mr Obienyem and not my humble self that should be branded a government apologist. It was in keeping with the foregoing that Mr. Obienyem claimed he google searched Emeka Nwabunnia and 'found nothing' against my name. In this connection, this critic of mine succeeded in giving some kind of pathological touch to his endless lies. To say the least, when you google search Emeka Nwabunnia you will be linked to the book I coauthored with Bishop Emeka Ebisi - entitled 'THE NOBEL PRIZE (1901-2000): HANDBOOK OF LANDMARK RECORDS' - published by University Press of America in 2007 (Clothbound, ISBN-13: 978-07618-3572-1/ISBN-10: 0-76183572-5; paperback, ISBN-13: 978-0-76183573-8/ISBN-10: 0-7618-3573-3).

So it is either that Mr Valentine Obienyem did not google search Emeka Nwabunnia or that he has not told the truth about the result of his search. No matter the ranting of Mr Obienyem, Anambrarians, Nigerians and interested citizens of the world know that if all were well, Anambra State University would not have been on strike for six months (22 July 2010-17 January 2011). Because Mr. Obienyem may not know the true position of things, not being in the university system, he does not know that his article is ill-timed. This is so far as the concern of Anambra State University lecturers, non-academic staff, management and council as well as the Government of Anambra State is how to make up for the avoidable lost grounds.

There may be no need for me to join issues with Mr. Valentine Obienyem after this rejoinder, more so when my instincts tell me that he will be scared to the marrow, should I challenge him to a public debate.

Mr Obienyem should please mind his business. As late Fela Anikulakpo Kuti - the Afrobeat Legend would put it, 'me and you no dey for the same category'.

• Nwabunna,
Department of Microbiology
Anambra State University
PMB 02, Uli