One must protect his integrity with female admirers - Lord of Ajasa

Lord of Ajasa
Lord of Ajasa
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How do you enjoy music as a career?
It's great and lovely, it's a career I love, although there are difficult sides to it, but I thank God for everything He has done.

How did it start?
After I left secondary school in the late 90s. Actually, I've been singing since I was in school. I had my own crew then, but we didn't take it serious until later when people started to commend us. I did two demos in English, but they were flops until I switched to rapping in Yoruba.

When did you switch?
That was in 2000 with my first single “Oori gbo”. After many trials, in 2004, I came out with another, “O ti ya” which shot me into limelight and won me many awards.

What are your names?
Osaniyi Olusegun Gbadura.

How difficult is it for you to compose in Yoruba?
It's not difficult at all. It may be difficult for others, but not me because I'm a Yoruba man and singing with my language should not be difficult. When I used to sing in English, all I got were claps from my fans, but since I switched to singing in Yoruba, my fans not only clap, laugh, the recognition has come and I'm making more money, especially that I'm not copying anybody.

How do you get inspiration for your songs?
From God and anything that happens around me.

Do you buy songs?
I've been writing songs since my teenage years, why should I buy when I have many songs already written? Although, I don't know that musicians buy songs from others, if that is true, I have many songs to sell, they should contact me.

Are you married?
Not yet, but I have a lady that I will marry as soon as possible, though she is still in school.

How close do you get with your female fans?
It has not been easy but one cannot date everybody. They just fall in love with you suddenly. One needs to respect his name and integrity. I appreciate them, but I don't go out with my female fans. They are all my lovers, but my love for them is platonic.

Public response to your music.
It's been wonderful. People appreciate me not because I'm a Yoruba rapper, but because my lyrics are meaningful and in-depth. In fact, they are prophetic