By NBF News

Former Minister of Finance and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

senatorial candidate for Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone, Mrs. Nenadi Esther Usman, has promised effective and qualitative representation, if elected.

Nenadi who spoke with reporters at the Southern Kaduna Christian Leaders Council 10th Prayers Summit, in Kafanchan, Kaduna State, said she would justify the confidence the people reposed in her, adding that the people would never regret voting her into power.

'I most especially thank the delegates for believing in me and I will justify that confidence. My top priority is bringing about qualitative and effective representation for the people of Southern Kaduna to the Senate. I know the rudiments and intricacies of democracy, vis-à-vis executive relations with the legislature and as well as how constituency should be effectively represented.

'From day one of this senatorial aspiration, I have clearly stated my main campaign thrust and I have never, for a second, get distracted from what I felt would benefit our zone. 'I have taken my time to study issues related to lawmaking. In one of my findings, it opined that law-making function is one of the essential pillars of any society. No human society survives in the total absence of laws. Whatever the social system, the conduct of affairs must be defined by certain basic rules.

'These rules must be made by someone or some groups and executed or enforced by some groups. In a democratic environment, power belongs to the people who in turn elect those who are to carry out the task of law-making on their behalf,' she said.