AMP to set task force on Nollywood


WORRIED by the careless abandon with which fraudsters are using Nollywood for their unwholesome practices, the Association of Movie Producers (AMP) led by their president, Mr. Paul Obazele, has made known it's intention to set up a strong task force to check the activities of criminals.

Speaking recently, Obazele said that it had gotten to the notice of the association that people who have no business in the industry use Nollywood for all manner of false pageants or concerts through which they defraud members of the public at the end of the day.

“Some people will come out with pageants or reality shows, sell forms and collect money from innocent citizens and run away at the end of the day thereby bringing a very bad reputation to the industry. AMP will make sure through the task force that we will set up that such things don't happen again,” he said.
He also appealed to corporate bodies and international agencies to be very careful who they transact businesses with as they may be used to galvanize a crime.

He urged them to come to registered guilds in the industry to ascertain informations.
The special task force it was learnt will commence operations very soon.