By Adeola Olamisan Ikuomola

We were enchanted by the bright clouds
And under the spell of the greener fields
We were caught in the lyrical singsongs
Of those joyful birds, bees and butterflies

We sat under the ashy canopy of the moon
We walked under the sharp rays of the sun
We sailed across the roaring sea's carpets
We swam against the currents of the rivers

We put all our minds in our national basket
Far from sectional and regional differences
From silent hovels to eloquent skyscrapers
Located within our communal nation square

We did consult with the venerated gray hairs
And the new babies lent their golden voices
That God has been good to our father land
His final choice is our source of celebrations

Let us combine our four-cardinal-strengths
And cast away the repulsive tribal pebbles
Into the receding regional tides for adoption
Let us breathe in the fresh air of nationhood


In the spirit of patriotism
Acquired from our fathers
Held in our consciousness
Embedded in our psyche
We have wearied the cold
Digging up the crude gold
Even in communal nudity
We lifted our national flag
For us all to secure wealth
In the committee of nations

In the spirit of nationalism
Under conflicting climates
We baked our national cake
Prepared and served tables
We cleared up all the crumbs
Without traces of murmuring
Here is our natural turn to dine
Our tongues are fashioned to lick
The honey holed up in the horn
To strengthen our hold on unity

We generate the hydrocarbon
That powers the power pack
With fraternal joy in our hearts
We have all beheld from afar
Those brightly lit monuments
We nationalistically designed
Now we have come to measure
The size of the power house
Our pace squares up the space
To rebrand our bond of nationhood


Let the stars gather their well-organized organs at night
Let the radiant moonlight beat her eloquent kettledrums
Let the doubly decked sun arise in her penetrating rays
Let our worthy elders recall the glorious birth of their son
That was born to rule and burning to serve our generation

The wise men have ended their search for the prince
That was born to wear the golden crown of our fathers
At your feet prostrate the entire king makers did all fall
And spread their flowing garments at your golden feet
To usher you right into your monumental royal palace

Let the eagle in you soar higher and subdue the clouds
Inspire the lion in you to roar triumphantly in the forests
Let your teeming subjects rejoice in your transparent life
Indeed, in peace and tranquility supreme you must reign
Surely you were born to rule and burn to serve humanity

Thunderous is the laughter of the numberless sea waves
That highlights the beauty of the treasure base of your life
Boundless is the joy of the souls that fetch from your well
Drunken with the abundance of your boundless generosity
They lift up their souls in songs of praise to the Almighty

Oh! How precious is your virtuous queen, the mother of all
Her peaceful domain is the safest haven to all nationalities
How beautiful, tender and well mannered are your children
Watchfully they follow your eloquent and transparent steps
In reverential obedience to the Scriptures that cannot be broken

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