By NBF News
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SIR: We appeal to the Governor of Ogun State and the Chairman of Ifo Local Government to come to the rescue of the good people of Akute/Olambe community that had been subjected to a lot of hardship due to indiscriminate construction of bumps on the only major road that links Lagos-Alagbole-Akute-Lambe and Agege/Agbado together.

It is highly despicable to construct 20 No bumps on a 1.2km road and 35 bumps on 2km a long road without taking into consideration the dangers this poses to motorists, Okada riders and other road users. The culprits are filling stations, private schools, water vendors, individuals that want to be noticed.

The bumps are of various heights causing damage to exhausts and shock absorbers of cars plying this road. Many cars have been condemned while many owners had to abandon their cars due to the bumps. To make matters worse, there are no road signs to indicate that bumps exist on the road.

Robbers have also seen another opportunity to turn the road to their operation base. Many motorists have been robbed on this road because of the bumps. We are begging the Ogun State Government and Ifo Local Government Council to rise up to the challenge to clear the road of bumps and make road users more comfortable.