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No CommentIt's the year 2020, when Nigeria would have come to the era of development and the joy of civilization, constant energy supply, clean pipe borne water, and good education is no longer a dream. A school teacher the story of how the plight of the people was the prize paid for the emancipation of her peace. She tells a story of how brave villagers, uncivilized fought the corruption that threatened their existence, and how an enduring peace was established till date.

It is an entirely new approach to the movie industry in this country as we position our great Nation in the fore front in Africa and global world.

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This is an in depth look into Nigeria as it was before we where striped of our values and how we can return to the great people that we once where with the love and harmony that flowed in us. The movie takes the viewer in a time machine that enables the viewer to actually understand the past, present and the future of Nigeria with an understanding that for that future to be archived we all have to fight to protect our greatest treasure which is our Heart. Short with state of the art equipment, handled by the best hands in the country. The result is a movie that is so detailed and well packaged as never seen before.