NFC PRESIDENTIAL POOL: Meet Your Presidential Candidates…

Source: Aribaba -

Now that most of the primaries have been completed, and the presidential flag bearers for the parties have been selected, I think it's a good time to present the presidential candidates for the 2011 Nigerian Presidential Elections in April. To the best of my knowledge these are the only presidential candidates that have publicly declared their intentions, and still remain as flag bearers for their parties.

The information below was gotten from their websites and Wikipedia for clarification. I have no bias, neither am I encouraging anyone to vote for one person in particular. This is just to raise awareness, so to speak. I encourage everyone to read up about each presidential candidate via their websites, and other resources available to us online. We are at an era where information is a google click away from us as opposed to when we relied on newspapers, propaganda, and rumors to get knowledgeable.

For more information on each candidate, visit their respective websites, read more about them and their platform and vote wisely. Voter Registration is currently open all over the country so if you haven't registered you have till january 29th to do so.

I wont go into too much grammar, so here goes. A brief introduction and mini bio if you will of all the presidential candidates for the 2011 elections.

I hope this helps those who need a bit of info on each of the candidates. As earlier stated, it's important you do a bit of research before you vote or support (as the case maybe). There's really no need complaining if you don't intend to vote. Let's leave the negative attitude till after elections. It doesn't help any to be negative, but it just might pay off to have a positive attitude. Peace


Who do you vote for?.......Your vote they say, IS YOUR POWER.