“Dosunmu Cannot Fit Into Fashola’s Cabinet”.- Lagos ACN

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has described the PDP governorship candidate for Lagos, Ade Dosunmu as a neophyte who cannot even fit into the present Fashola cabinet talk not of governing a complex state as Lagos. The party insists that Lagos presents a more difficult governing challenge than even the federal government and therefore does not need a greenhorn who is still enslaved in the decrepit politics of the past at this time in its history.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, Lagos ACN says it is reacting to the ludicrous claim of Dosunmu that Lagos is not developing because it is not governed by a PDP that controls the federal government. The party describes this as a sparse reasoning that has failed woefully even as it lacks any factual basis except as a meal ticket to political speculators that do not have anything to offer.

“We wonder how someone that still believes in the nebulous politics of the center with all its proven failures can govern an emerging mega city and a state that is seen as Nigeria best example of a workable state in the midst of the profound failure which the PDP federal government and PDP controlled states have been these past twelve years. It is obvious that Dosunmu lacks conviction, lacks ideas and lacks the requisite accoutrements of governance hence such dead philosophies that are as rootless and hollow as those that profound them still entice him so much that he can seek to hoodwink the sophisticated voters of Lagos with it. This presents a woeful starting for this political neophyte who longs for the big shoes of Governor Fashola for his little feet.

“At this point in the history of the development of Lagos State, we are pleasantly surprised that a candidate that wants to rule Lagos, as it is now, is still telling the populace to go back to the decay and rot that have been the hallmarks of PDP's disastrous hold on power all over Nigeria these past twelve years. We are surprised that someone that could win the governorship ticket of a political party in Lagos is so bare and hollow that he is reciting the prebendal gospel of his political forbears who live on the rents and free meal provided by government. We are surprised that the PDP candidate started so poorly in reciting meaningless credos that have been proved over and over again to be mere meal tickets for the hustlers that make up the PDP and believes this will give him a license to govern a sophisticated state like Lagos.

“We may not go as far as to ask Dosunmu what positive values the PDP has invested on governance, either at the federal level or the states they govern for the truth of the despoliation this notorious party has inflicted on Nigerians these past twelve years lives with all of us. We may rather challenge Dosumnu to explain why his party has supervised the worst degradation of infrastructures, the worst form of decay in all sectors of our national lives, the worst state of insecurity, the worst case of unemployment, poverty, alienation, corruption, etc. in the history of the country. We know that Dosumnu and his party, so bereft of ideas and so wanting in good intentions for the country know the widespread verdicts of Nigerians on PDP's unfortunate reign these past twelve years than to wish such curse on Lagosians who are enjoying the fruits of progressive and resourceful governance, as attested to by even PDP members all over the country.

“We may challenge Dosunmu and his party to point to any relevant intervention by the PDP government in the last twelve years on our decaying infrastructures like roads, hospitals, schools, energy, employment, water supply, power, etc. If he ever attempts to do that, he will discover that the PDP is a curse to any state it has inflicted and that nothing good can ever come out of the liability, which PDP has proved to be to Nigerians. It is a pity that Dosunmu dwells so much in the past that hye still believes he cab capture Lagos by preaching a worn out but disastrous politics of the center, which had been proved to be a mere empty meal tickets that worsens the fate of the people instead of improving them. The sorry state of PDP states all over the country today has shown that Dosunmu lacks the competence to be in the cabinet of Fashola in Lagos, lacks the tact to even chairman a local government in the Lagos of today. Lagosians only need to look at the nearest PDP state to know the kind of government a Dosunmu would enact in Lagos were Lagosians so unfortunate to vote for him in April.

“It is obvious that Dosunmu, as a candidate and PDP, as a party are clearly overwhelmed by the present state of Lagos, such that they find no foothold to attack the achievements of the Fashola government as a way of gaining even a miniature foothold in Lagos. To worsen their fate, the PDP has demonstrated to Nigerians how not to govern with the multiplication of the woes of Nigerians even with unbelievable resources that have accrued to Nigeria in the past twelve years. It is such that Nigerians are getting increasingly united by the wish to show PDP the door for Nigeria to start the quest for real development and this is the burden, the liability and the historical curse Dosunmu wants to place on Lagos so as to arrest the pace of development in the state.

“Lagos ACN is even more surprised that a governorship candidate that wants to be taken serious in Lagos is desirous of dragging Lagos back to the level of an average PDP state when Lagos is already transforming into a model state, a mega city with gigantic infrastructures to drive its growth. We are glad that Lagos hosts the cream of Nigeria's intellectuals and hosts the most sophisticated population of Nigerians who know what growth and good governance is and they are returning wonderful verdicts on the Fashola regime, even as the rating for governance in Nigeria dips so low.

“We urge the PDP to accept a fact they can never change and that fact is that Lagos has gone far out of their reach than at any time before now. We urge them to quit trying and rather congratulate the Fashola regime for its wonderful feats in Lagos, which will certainly earn the regime a resounding victory at the coming polls. They must admit that they have nothing with which to sway Lagosians to abandon the certain for the uncertain, to abandon reality for fictions and to leave the known to the unknown. They have no candidate that can match Fashola's stature and they have no party than can rival ACN in Lagos.”