I had prayed to my God to give me the privilege to live beyond Thursday the 13th of January 2011 so that I will witness the Nigerian newspapers headlines after the much talked and much anticipated PDP presidential primaries headline news. The newspapers as usual did not disappoint us. The media headlines ranged from Goodluck floors Atiku. Jonathan routes Atiku. Goodluck in Landslide victory and so on and so forth. But the one that caught my fancy and I was curious to read was: - “Home and dry - Jonathan wins, but trouble looms in the North.”

I was expecting to read in the body of the news where Boko Haram has gone on rampage because Alhaji Atiku Abubukar lost. But that was not the news. The news reporter wanted us to believe that the North will reject Goodluck/Sambo in April because he did not respect zoning. I continued to read the news article still where the reporter wanted us to believe that Goodluck/Sambo had a poor showing in the North in the PDP primaries. Not until I want to the body of his news article I discovered that his reportage is an irony. In the body of his news article one will discover that amongst the 19 states in the Northern Nigeria, Goodluck/Sambo won 15 plus Abuja making 16 while Atiku won just four. Mathematically Goodluck/Sambo won 84.2% in the North while Atiku got 6%. In Southern Nigeria, Goodluck/Sambo won all the 17 states which equates to 100% mathematically.

After reading the news article, I begin to wonder where the trouble will loom in the North. That is poor reportage and journalism if you ask me. The delegates have spoken. I can predict that is how the pattern of voting will be in April 2011. If anything, Buhari will win Kano and Zamfara while Goodluck/Sambo will add Sokoto and Kebbi to their kitty.

The Nigeria of today it appears is trying to transcend regional politics and that was what the 15 states and Abuja that voted for Goodluck/Sambo have shown.

The Goodluck/Sambo ticket is the viable nationalistic option that is available in the market for now if we still want to keep the fragile unity of our tattered federation together.

I believe there is no sacrifice that is too much to offer to keep the unity of Nigeria together. That was the message at Eagle Square during the PDP presidential primaries.

The Goodluck/Namadi ticket is the genuine face of change.

In a short while we shall write our blue print to move Nigeria forward for them.

Meanwhile some reporters and their editors should stop area boys’ journalism. I have never seen anywhere where somebody scored 84.2% in an examination yet it is reported as poor. That is super area boys’ journalism of the highest order.

If 84.2% is poor showing, what then is 0% classified? Sulaiman Bissalla over to you.

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