ACF just dumped and ignored me -Ex-legal adviser laments

By NBF News
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Former Legal Adviser of the Northern socio-cultural organisation, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Yahaya Mahmood, has said the forum had dumped and ignored him for no cause.

Mahmood told Daily Sun in a chat in Kaduna that after rendering selfless legal services to ACF, particularly at the Oputa Panel where he said he led a team of 40 lawyers to defend Northern interest through the forum, all he now got was a total blackout from its activities.

He disclosed that but for newspapers reports, he would not have been hearing about what was happening in the organisation since the officials no longer invited him to meetings. 'When we started attending meetings at the ACF with Mohammed Yusuf during the Oputa panel, they invited all of us and they sent letters of invitation to us for meetings; we were working together.

 'But now we don't see the letters anymore and it is not everybody who goes to any meeting that he is not invited.  'We don't know why they decided to stop sending the letters, so I stopped going because nobody invited me any longer. I only read in the newspapers any time they meet.

'With the kind of work I have in my hands, I don't have the time to go and be asking questions.  For example, for the last 10 weeks, I come to Kaduna only on Saturdays and go back on Sundays to look for my daily bread.  I don't have time to be asking ACF why they have stopped inviting me for their meetings.

'Let me tell you, they invited about 40 lawyers across the North to defend the Northern interest during the Oputa Panel because the complaint by Ohanaeze Ndigbo was against the North. So, when we came, there was no money then at all.  'So, Alhaji Yakubu Ibrahim, who was the most senior among us, asked me to take it up, so I was asked to go and file our report in Abuja.  So eventually, we grouped ourselves and defended the interest of the region.

 'We agreed to do it freely. Late Senator Haruna Abubakar then had a hotel in Abuja, which he gave almost free at 70% discount. So, we all had an accommodation free in Abuja. 

'It was later when some Northern governors contributed some money that we were given some stipends.  So, we think that we did the service for our people.  At least, many of us got scholarship from Northern Nigerian government to go to school free.  So, what is it but to render selfless services.'