PDP chieftain hails primaries for Okigwe zone

By NBF News

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Don Onwukaike has advised aspirants who lost in the recent primaries of the party to accept the outcome of the exercise with the spirit of sportsmanship.

He praised the PDP for strengthening the nation's democracy by organizing credible primaries for aspirants to various positions in the country.

Speaking after the emergence of Ambassador Matthew Nwagwu as the PDP Senatorial candidate for Okigwe zone, he urged those who lost to accept the results and wait for a more opportune time to realize their ambition.

Onwukaike who is the President, Movement for the Emancipation of Okigwe People (MEOP) praised the organizers of the ruling party's primaries in the zone and wondered how some people would still criticize the exercise which was not only peaceful but free and fair.

After the primaries, Nwagwu's opponent in the race, Cosmas Iwu had alleged that the exercise was characterized by irregularities including violence to his supporters. But Onwukaike said there was no substance in the allegation but a ploy by Nwagwu's opponent in the race to save face from the defeat he suffered in the election.

'I do not want to join issues with Cosmas Iwu but anybody who witnessed the election knows that it was very peaceful and Nwagwu emerged because he was obviously the popular choice.

'Four years ago, Nwagwu went through a similar experience when he ran for the same seat and in spite of the personal loss and pain to him, he remained steadfast, persevered and above all exhibited 100 per cent loyalty to his party, PDP.

He never thought of defecting to another party. 'Ambassador Nwagwu's victory today is a reward for loyalty and the delegates spoke in unison by giving him over 1000 votes over his opponents', he said. He noted that Nwagwu's emergence in the Senatorial primaries was not surprising because his pedigree speaks for itself saying that he has distinguished himself both in private and public life.