By Lere Olayinka
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The People Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has called on the Law enforcement agencies to save Ekiti from the orgies of violence being launched on it by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), saying; ““From the fallout of the party's primary elections, especially in Ekiti and Ogun State, the party has shown that it is indeed, a nest of killers and document forgers.”

According to a press statement signed by Olalekan Adekanbi, Ekiti PDP Publicity Secretary, the ACN has unleashed terror on the people of Ekiti State since the party was judicially imposed on the people, the invasion of the State with thugs for the party's ongoing primary elections.

“This afternoon, we heard that two of the ACN thugs were arrested at the party secretariat, Ajilosun Street, Ado-Ekiti with guns.

“This came less than 48 hours that the State Chairman of the party, Mr. Jide Awe escaped death by the whiskers when gun-wielding thugs invaded the ACN secretariat.

“The unbridled thuggery, hooligalism and senseless disregard to democratic values was so intense and horrible that one of the ACN Senatorial aspirants ,Mr Dele Alake had to withdraw from the race saying that he was too decent to participate in the violence filled election.

“With this latest display of brazen violence and unrestrained hooligalism during its primaries, what discerning minds can deduce is that ACN in Ekiti State harbours killers and document forgers.

“This is because if the ACN could forge its own voters register, how won't the party also forge Independent National Electoral Commission

(INEC) electoral documents to gain undue advantage during the general elections?

“Before now, we have been witnessing blood bath and unmerciful killings perpetrated by the thugs of the ACN in the State. The party have been the harbinger of deaths, ritual killing and violence.

“It was these same thugs that are now being used to unleash terror on themselves that that ACN used to murder the PDP Ward Chairman in Osun Moba Local Government, Mr Ade Awolunmate. It was also the same blood thirsty party that made attempt of slaughtering a pregnant lady in Otun when its thugs invaded the Local Government Secretariat!

“From the happenings in the ACN in the last few days, it is now crystal clear that the ACN is the harbinger of political evils, the perpetrator and masterminds of violence and political upheavals in the state .

“We therefore call on the media and the human right organisations not to keep mum on the dastardly activities of this evil party which parades itself as the paragon of democratic values.

“The too public should be aware that the ACN and its mafia do not possess any democratic culture and as such cannot be genuine advocate of free and fair elections in Nigeria. This, the party has demonstrated by imposing candidates, forging its own voters register and unleashing violence on its leaders just because of mere primary elections.”