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Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
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Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde is not happy now. She told Life and Beat on Wednesday that her cook gave her an unexpected blow.

According to the screen diva, the cook, a citizen of Benin Republic named Gerald, absconded with her one million naira and about 1,000 pounds, which she had left in her bedroom.

Asked why she kept such a huge sum at home, Omosexy said she wanted to use the money to travel the following day.

“I was supposed to travel the next day. Somehow, I had to change my reservation. The money was actually meant for my agent, who was to change my reservation. I had wanted to give him a cheque but I decided to bring some cash home for him.

“But I never suspected I had a thief in my house. I even hid the money. The way I kept it, you would not have known there was money there.”

The actress said she never had any problem with the cook, so she never suspected he could do a thing like that.

“Gerald looked so trustworthy. He is the kind of guy you would want to leave your home to. I never had any problem with him. I wasn't even around. I only came back home and found that he had made away with my money and my husband's laptop.”

Omotola continued, “I have even gone to the guarantor's place and that one has taken off as well. We hear these Cotonou boys are fond of doing this stuff. They rob their employers and run to their countries, and once the brouhaha has died down, they come back to Nigeria, gain another employment and rob the employer again.”

Asked why she always had this kind of problem with her househelps, Omotola said, “I don't know. That was how my driver went away with my Ford Explorer. This one has done his own again. But by the grace of God, nothing like that is going to happen to me again.”