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As my lawyer friend Barrister Dickson will always say, the facts speak for its self. Dr Goodluck Ebelechukwu Azikwe Jonathan is no doubt the people’s president. For the first time in the history of modern Nigeria at least in the last 25 years we celebrated the Christmas festival with petroleum products free flowing in all fueling stations nationwide at sixty five per litre. What a great feat!

I used to think that in Nigeria which is greatly religious but not pious, the elite have always claimed that it is God (Allah) that gives power to whom he wants. Dr Goodluck Jonathan for now is God or Allah’s choice. It is Allah who did this zoning. God (Allah) case, no appeal or else you are going against Allah’s will.

The PDP delegates and the Nigerian people will vote for Dr Goodluck because of his achievements in six months some of which I will enumerate as follows: -

-Increased civil servants salary to 18,000 naira.
-Two new campuses of the Nigerian Law School in Yola and Yenogoa.

-Nine new universities all the states that do not have federal universities.

By the above acts along there is going to be more jobs for Nigerian youths in the news universities and law school campuses.

-Upgraded more airports to International status. Honestly what gives me joy is that he has wiped out kidnapping completely in the south east for good. People can sleep with their two eyes closed in Aba again.

His other notable achievements are that his appointment of ministers is evenly spread throughout the six geo-political zones. There are no more exclusive ministries for special group of persons any more. The so called special ministries of Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Finance, Defence and have gone to others at last courtesy Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

Why Dr Goodluck appeal to Nigerians is his humility to apologize when need be. He is humble to reverse decisions that are not people with the citizens. These are the hallmark of good leadership. No good leader will boost that he has enough money for him to ‘chop’ all his life. This is in a country where 70% of the people live below poverty line. Please share that money to the masses like Bill Gate.

The luck Dr Goodluck and Architect Namadi Sambo have is that they are young and vibrant. The youth are behind them.

Fortunately for Dr Goodluck a South southerner has fate bestowing the presidency on him. His re-election next year will cement our already fragile federalism. That is the only way to give the south-south a sense of belonging.

My appeal to Dr Goodluck and Architect Namadi Sambo is that as they commence their new term of office in 2011; please solve the following problems for us Nigerians.

1. Please complete the amnesty program in the Niger-delta.

2. Bring the Jos perennial crises to an end once and for all.

3. Bring Boko Haram to an end in Borno State.
4. The Abuja-Keffi-Jos road should be dualised since Abuja-Lokoja, and Abuja-Kaduna- Kano are dualised. The Jos-Keffi-Abuja road serves the whole of the north-east sub-region.

5. Finally please do not forget to improve power supply, improve education and cut the National Assembly members salary and use it to pay teachers.

Your faithful compatriot,

Ndiameeh Babrik is at [email protected]

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