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Gospel singer, Kefee and her manager husband, Godwin Alec, were once an item. Then, there was no event the showbiz duo did not attend together. And not a few envied their closeness.
But we hear their marriage has hit the rocks.

A source close to Kefee quoted her as saying that she married Alec because he was the only man available when she wanted to get married and she was not sure she would get another suitor.

The source told Life and Beat that Kefee had found a new man and was left with no choice but to leave Alec.

“Kefee just came to Alec one day and knelt before him. She begged him and told him that she had found love and would want to move on with her life. She said she was no longer interested in the marriage because she had rushed into it.”

It was alleged that Alec begged Kefee to reconsider her position and even went to her father's house to complain. “But her father said his daughter had taken a decision. Kefee, in fact, told Alec that nothing would change her mind and that taking the matter to her father would not make any difference,” another source said.

Life and Beat sought to confirm the story from Kefee on the phone, but she responded with; “Who told you? Please, I will call back,” she said before switching off her phone. She never called back. Subsequent efforts made to get her on the telephone yielded no result as her telephone was switched off. Alec's phone was also switched off.

It was, however, gathered that the enstranged couple had decided to keep mute about the issue until Kefee released her new album.