Nigerian Idol: Glory, BB among top 10 contestants

By NBF News

An excited BB, after her performance, said she is delighted to have made it to the top ten phase adding 'I skipped classes for Nigerian Idol, and I'm glad it's not in vain'.

At stake is a grand prize of N7.5 million and a recording deal with Sony BMG.

Last Sunday when Jessica, Godson, Graycee, Faith, Toyosi, Zoe, Chuxy, Jumoke, George and AJ performed Judges couldn't hide their excitement about Zoe and AJ.

Nigerian Idol, the producers say, will produce the biggest Nigerian music star this year. The man or woman who'll sing Nigerians to sleep and wake them up the next morning, they stressed. The winner will in a matter of months, move from relative obscurity to celebrity status.

'They are all talented, and we know that they are going places, but the truth is that there is only room for one Nigerian Idol, and every week, we will keep evicting till we get the viewer's choice' Lillias Bode, Producer of Nigerian Idol said last week.

The fourth group of ten has arrived the Dream Studio set to perform today.