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Dear Editor,


Mr. Sunday Idowu of Jojein Venture Limited who's revoked Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) in respect of the controversial 10th Anniversary Hotel Uyo was recently restored by the present Akwa Ibom State after foot-dragging, is our kin from Ondo State. His business empire, believed empowered by Victor Attah, is Akwa Ibom based.

Yoruba culture does not encourage her people to foment trouble in other man's land. It is obvious that the advertorial that ran in The Nation newspaper 7/6/09 entitled “Attah's Attack – The Diarrhea of a Caustic Mouth” credited to unknown Yoruba Egalitarian Vanguard with telephone number 08053888580 as the only address and signed by duo Adekunle Ogungbeja as PRO and Kazeem Odewale as Secretary General obviously was sponsored by Mr. Idowu.

Attah holds a Yoruba title; Idowu should stop various insults he is noted against the person of former Governor Attah of Akwa Ibom State who is like a mentor to him. Idowu was seen with Attah during the latter's aborted Presidential nomination campaign at the Palace of Deji of Akure. Yours sincerely was there when Idowu introduced (openly in public) Attah to Deji as the man who took him as a son and built him, businesswise. If Idowu later had a misunderstanding with Attah, he should view it as personal and not drag any part of Yoruba into it as it would be seen that as he now sings the praises of Akpabio, he is most likely to behave the same way to him (Akpabio) when out of office. It is not in (our) Yoruba character.

Idowu who rightly used Deji of Akure also enlisted some militant groups to persuade Akpabio who thereafter foot-dragged for too long before returning the C of O to him. This was not before Akpabio had made it clear to the entire world that the revocation was originally done in the overriding public interest because Idowu went contrary to the sale conditions.

This advice to Idowu is generally believed, timely.

Olufemi Adisa
55 Akiolu Crescent
Ring Road

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