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African Chyna.
African Chyna.
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Raggae musician, Chinaogorom Onuoha a.k.a. African Chyna, spoke about his prison experience and relationship with comedian Basket Mouth, among other things.

Q: What have you been doing since the completion of your jail term?

A: Well, I served a jail term of two weeks and four days and after everything, I was tried but not found guilty. So, I was let off the hook. Really, I was not happy about the whole thing.

Q: What really happened?

A: I had a score to settle with my ex-girlfriend and the police carried out an investigation into the matter, so things were not done properly then.

Q: What was your experience in detention?

A: I was granted bail and there was no issue pertaining to the prison. I never went to prison. I was only in detention throughout the trial. I was in the U.K. I was always having it in my mind that there was trial before trial.

Q: Would you say it has affected your career in any way?

A: Never, It did not affect my career, rather it gave it a boost.

Q: So, what really happened between you and your ex-girlfriend?

A: She happened to be my ex-partner and you know what transpires whenever a lady hears that her man would be getting married to another lady. The story was everywhere before and after I travelled, so people really asked questions if I was married or had a child outside wedlock. That, I guess, gave her sleepless nights and the controversy was the result.

Q: But there were speculations that you actually jilted her?

A: I did not jilt her, it was only one of those things that happen in a relationship. We make up to break up, just as we break up to make up.

Q: Did you promise the girl that implicated you marriage?

A: No, I did not promise her marriage, in fact, I never promised any lady, but I can't speak for other people.

Q: What worked for you in detention?

A: You know as an Ajegunle boy, I quickly adapted to the situation.

Q: Why did you decide to blame the media for your woes in your last album?

A: I only did that to set the records straight because so many interpretations were given to the situation and my fans got the wrong impression. Many of them thought they were trying to help me out, but they nailed me further with their misleading reports. If you logged on to Google at that time, the first thing that would appear on the screen was 'African Chyna's Rape Scandal.'

Q: Did you say anything misleading?

A: That is not true. The reports were misleading.

Q: What happened between you and Basket Mouth?

A: What happened between us was something personal, not a serious matter. It was his link that the lady used to hit me and he never got back to me.

Q: What is your relationship with him now?

A: Oh, we still enjoy a cordial relationship.

Q: What are your other plans?

A: I am working on my new album.

Q: Title?

A: The Return of the Legend.

Q: When do we expect it?

A: By September this year. Right now, I am working on a signle which will be released any moment from now.