Umeh Comes Out ‘Smoking, But Not About That N250 Million Cash

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While Emeka Etiaba expects more blackmail from Governor Peter Obi's stable and is prepared for all that in his bid to get rid of a government that has lost its usefulness and bearing, Chief Victor Umeh was credited today, as having recently 'held a press briefing'. The said 'briefing' was however written and submitted for him by Mr. Valentine Obienyem, syndicated to many newspapers, including today's Compass, as it was the turn of a 'journalist' MR. TONY OKAFOR to claim that he was there when 'Umeh spoke'.

Tony Okafor who was credited with Umeh's interview is an Agulu kinsman of Peter Obi, Victor Umeh and Valentine Obienyem. Peter Obi got Compass to employ Tony Okafor just a few weeks ago, when he complained that their correspondent was not publishing stories handed over by Mr. Obienyem. Compass then employed Mr. Okafor for the duration of Peter's tenure, in return for millions of Naira worth of Anambra state adverts. Both Tony Okafor and Odogwu Emeka Odogwu of Champion newspaper merely publish unedited, stories given to them by Valentine Obienyem as either stories written by them, or interviews conducted by them.

Victor Umeh more than anyone else should know that Emeka does not suffer fools gladly and does not waste his time engaging in small talk. However, I have to deal with some of the main issues Mr. Obienyem wrote but credited to Victor Umeh, before the unsuspecting readers begin to believe such statements. Umeh has also not denied those statements as at the time of my writing this.

Victor has never learnt that blackmail never works in the long run. Dr. Chris Ngige whom Umeh blackmailed immensely as soon as Peter Obi took over in 2006, is without a doubt a hero in Anambra state today despite all of Umeh's effort. Apart from Ngige's undoubted developmental strides for the state, it was the blackmail dished out to him by Victor Umeh and Peter Obi that made Ngige a legend in Anambra today. The duo of Umeh and Obi are similarly, fast turning the articulate and ultra charismatic Emeka Etiaba into a most formidable political figure as a result of the senseless blackmail being dished out at a great cost to the tax payers of our state.

Today, because of his economic interest in Peter Obi's government, Umeh, a shameless political jobber, is trying to divert our attention from Peter Obi's N250 million fraud and the N7.8 billion Next International Mall in Abuja being built for cash looted from Anambra state treasury. The topical issues in the state today are the total breakdown of law and order in Anambra state and the monthly siphoning of state funds out of the treasury by Peter Obi.

None of these issues merited one line from Victor Umeh, not even in defence his kinsman and partner in looting who has now run out of lies to cover up being caught red handed with his pants down in Lagos. To Umeh and his co travelers Kwentoh and Obi, none of these matter. They held a closed door meeting last Saturday at the governor's lodge and decided that they needed to change the focus from Peter's penchant for embezzlement, to blackmailing Emeka Etiaba's including using false medical stories. Emeka has now become a political albatross hanging on their respective necks and will not go away.

Just last night, the aged mother of Arc. Okey Chukwuogo, a governorship candidate of PPA, was kidnapped in Awka. The woman who is well over 70 years old has not yet been found and Okey Chukwuogo's only crime is daring to dream about contesting the 2010 governorship election in Anambra. As I write, Arc. Okey Chukwuogo who is a friend has placed over fifty calls to 'Governor' Obi as a result of his mother's abduction, including text messages but no reply has been received from 'Gov.' Obi who used to count on Okey Chukwuogo's wise counsel. Critics including Barrister Obele Chuka have always told us that this APGA regime will become murderous in its bid to remain in office by all means.

The kidnappers came to bundle Okey Chukwuogo who resigned from Peter Obi's government to pursue his governorship ambition but as he was no where to be found, they made do with his aged mother. This is coming on the heels of the murder of an APGA chieftain, Chief Chukwudi Okafor [Amulu Onye Na Ego] in Awka, who fell out of favour with Governor Obi three weeks ago and up till the time of my writing this, nothing has been done to unmask his killers by the government.

Yesterday, for over two hours hoodlums held a whole town of Nnewi to a standstill, prompting all banks in the state to close down for the third time in one week, as a result of the attack in Nnewi. Anambra citizens are now beginning to suspect state sponsored terrorism as the cause of this total breakdown of law and order in the state as scarring the opposition away from the state is the only way this inept governor has been advised he can be returned to office. Why has Obi not written to the Federal authorities for assistance as is done in other states when such occasions arise?

Victor Umeh described Emeka Etiaba as a political neophyte who doesn't have any political value. If that is so, why is Victor Umeh afraid of his man Peter Obi losing to this political neophyte without political value in a free and fair primary in APGA, despite Ojukwu cautioning them that the primaries must hold? Umeh claims that APGA cannot conduct primaries because none was conducted for Dame Etiaba in 2007 despite an APGA member offering him money, land cruiser jeep and a house in Abuja.

When Emeka Etiaba told him he lied because he and Peter Obi had to beg Dame Etiaba on their knees in Ojukwu's residence at Isiuzo Street, Independence layout, where Dim was then living, that Dame should contest that governorship election to save APGA from embarrassment of going into that election without a candidate only two weeks to the election, Umeh now modified his lie by claiming that the ANPP candidate was the one that offered him these goodies. The question now is, was Chief Victor Chairman of ANPP or Chairman of APGA as at 2007? Was it his responsibility to conduct primaries for non APGA members?

Victor Umeh said that it is “morally wrong” for Emeka to contest an election against a man that brought his mother to political limelight. Can Victor Umeh now tell the world why it is “morally right” for him to stab a man that brought him into political limelight, Chief Chekwas Okorie, who single handedly made him National Treasurer of APGA, against every advise of those who knew Victor Umeh's attitude to money very well? Can Victor Umeh now tell the world why it is “morally right” for Peter Obi to sponsor a blackmail 'report' on the front page of Compass newspaper of Friday the 12th of June 2009 against the man that brought him into political limelight, Prof. ABC Nwosu and who gave him the first money he used in winning the 2003 governorship election?

Prof. ABC Nwosu got his reward by being scandalized and blackmailed in several newspapers this week, that he was moving a motion in Abuja on the impeachment of Governor Obi? By the way, please look up that front page of Compass newspaper of June 12 2009 used in blackmailing Prof. ABC Nwosu, for you will discover that for two consecutive days, Compass has carried consecutive front pages written by Valentine Obienyem but credited to the same 'journalist', Mr. TONY OKAFOR.

Victor Umeh like Peter Obi is not a democrat and this is why APGA has failed to begin preparations for the conduct of the governorship primaries in Anambra state. This is why his APGA has failed to conduct local government elections since March 2006 and this is why the party has failed to win a single election in Anambra state since Umeh's tenure as National Chairman and Peter Obi's tenure as state 'Governor'. In the last National Assembly re run elections, both Umeh and Obi sabotaged the APGA candidate in the Senatorial bye election, Chief Azuka Okwuosa so badly that the House of Reps. APGA candidate Chief Ray Ileka did not even bother to contest. Chief Ray Ileka, a gentleman, withdrew to avoid humiliation and that is how bad things are in APGA. Umeh is actually very happy that Emeka's ambition is being ventilated in APGA as that has earned him some tidy cash from Peter Obi as a result of his attacks against Emeka on Peter's behalf, forgetting that the job of a National Chairman is not to be the Campaign Manager of the aspirant with his dirty hands on the till. What an unsavory Political Jobber!

Umeh can obviously not blame Emeka Etiaba's political 'neophytism' for non conduct of local elections and loss of all seats in every election APGA fought since 2005. For Victor Umeh, APGA is a political vehicle for only one passenger, Peter Obi, who has his hands on the pie that he is getting enough chunk from. If Obi loses control of the state treasury, Umeh's song will change automatically, immediately. How sad for this is why the usually well measured Okey Ndibe has now come out to aptly describe Victor Umeh's APGA as 'rag tag'.

Victor Umeh also describes Emeka Etiaba as “somebody who lacks moral upbringing”. This raises the issue of pedigree. Emeka Etiaba is the son of the current Deputy Governor of Anambra state, the highly respected Dame Virgy Etiaba. Emeka is the son of the late revered and renowned Barrister BMC Etiaba of blessed memory, called to the English Bar of Gray's Inn in 1959. That is some stock and some pedigree. Can Victor Umeh please tell the world who his father and mother are?

Victor Umeh in the same 'interview' described Dame Etiaba's emergence as the Deputy Governor of Anambra state as a ''disaster''. Umeh should be glad to note that here, I agree with him totally for Her Excellency has been a disaster for Umeh and Obi, by disagreeing at every turn with Obi's proposals that would amount to legitimizing his fraudulent activities in government. Why Peter Obi has blackmailed his deputy to high heavens is because for the three months she was the Executive Governor of Anambra state, Obi lost a lot of money that ordinarily would have ended up in Next International account.

Expect Peter Obi, Victor Umeh and their well paid agents to be on Okey Ndibe's case very shortly, telling us that Mr. Ndibe wanted 'some contract' from Peter's government but was not given. That is how low governance has sunk in Anambra state. I leave Umeh with these parting questions for now; Can Victor Umeh give Ndi Anambra and Umu Nigeria, his take on the missing N250 million cash found in Peter Obi's five car convoy being 'serviced' at Next International office in Apapa? Can Victor Umeh now give all of us his take on the N7.8 billion Next International shopping Mall being rushed to completion for cash in Kado, Abuja?\

By Barrister Afam Ofomata

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