Jonathan Reinstate Watch list…….. Arrest Okey Ndibe

Listen to article understands that the retrogressive state security service, today, arrested Prof. Okey Ndibe, a newspaper columnist, at the international wing of the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos . Prof. Ndibe who arrived Nigeria , aboard Turkish airline at 9.31PM, had submitted his passport to Nigerian immigration officer at the point of entry, after a few minutes of scrutiny, the immigration officer handed the passport to a State Security Service Officer , who then instructed him to go get his luggage and come with them. After collecting his luggage, an SSS officer, who identified himself as Mr. George told Prof Ndibe that his attention was needed upstairs at the SSS airport office (1st floor, Rm 1062).

Our check shows that after being held for several hours at the SSS airport office, Prof Ndibe was asked to write down his Nigerian address, and then released. However his Nigerian passport was taken from him and was asked to report back tomorrow at the SSS Lagos office in Ikoyi, Lagos , for further interrogation with the SSS director in Lagos .    

Sources who elected anonymity told that Prof. Okey Ndibe arrest has to with the fact that his name was on the government watch list. Recall that in 2008, Mr. Jonathan Elendu and Emmanuel Emeke Asiwe were arrested by SSS, upon arrival at the airport, Mr. Asiwe obtained a judgement from an Abuja high court, which declared his arrest unconstitutional and has sought five hundred million in damages against the government.