Women And Overweight Monster

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Over times, most women and ladies had thought that one way to gain the public approval of their appearance is by looking robust and weighty.

To this end, many of them had undertaken some forms of feeding regime that could facilitate an eventual robust posture.

This dieting programme which of- course emphasises foods high in carbohydrate and starch.

Junk foods, soft drinks and candy coupled with a life style devoid of physical exercise, constitute a hasty invitation to over weight.

One quicker way of inviting a fatty look also is the self administration of appetite boosters which leaves its users hungry and drowsy, which research has indicated to have the danger of hampering the agility of the brain.

However, it is quite obvious that no same woman would want to be overweight. According to some interviewed, all they would wish is to boost their physique a little because they are not properly guarded, they over do it and the unexpected becomes the case.

Perhaps there may be a need to have our mentality and attitude towards our natural look overhauled.

The need to let people know that there is a reason for the way they are made has become imperative in this instance. This is so because our attempts to have our physique boosted have caused us more harm than good as some have not only turned overweight, but have incurred some health problems upon themselves all in a bid to look good and attractive.

Like a writer once wrote: “Apart from the obvious physical discomfort and ailment that come with overweight, there can also be a deep-seated psychological trauma which is usually characterised by a pervading sense of low self-esteem, insecurity or inferiority complex, that many overweight people have to contend with”.

Considering the fact that once the mistake is established, it becomes difficult to reverse, then it has become necessary to view this craze-to-be-fat syndrome, as an anomaly that needs be corrected and possibly be nibbed in the bud.

Perhaps through the use of an enlightenment campaign or any other form of public education that could be very effective at reaching especially the grassroots women.

Research has shown that from age 40, there is a greater tendency to become overweight at the slightest provocation which of course pervades some medical implications. This is largely due to the fact that at this age, the digestive system slows down and the body is no less likely to engage in any physical activity that would encourage speedy burning of fat.

Being too fat therefore, especially in very mature people increases the vulnerability of the person to several diseases which could have been prevented by not to have introduced any biological or chemical catalyst to interfere with the natural state of the body.

Diseases such as heart-related cases, high blood pressure, frequent muscular pains and spasm, diabetes, bone ache etc are cases associated with overweight.

Nevertheless, some cases of overweight had been linked to genetical inheritance while some have their own ordeal due to the agitation of some hormones as a result of child birth.

However, the arousal of the consciousness of the danger of too much fat in the body is only what is paramount this time.

Whether it be a natural course or a self-propelled factor, looking out for its signs and administering its antidotes in good time will go a long way in tackling this monster called overweight.

People between the ages of 50 and 60 should adopt and maintain healthy habits, stay off oily foods, alcohol, sugary foods and fried foods. They should grill, boil or steam their food instead of frying.

“Prevention, they say, “is better than cure. It is advisable to maintain a good eating habit and exercise regularly.

Sylvia ThankGod-Amadi