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Dreadlocks is catching on like wild fire; more fashionnistas are opting for the hair style which is synonymous with rastafarians decades back, marking the huge acceptance of the stylish locks which will definitely endure the ever evolving fashion scene.

From long to short, natural or artificial, fashionnistars are making huge fashion statements and creating unique identities wearing the stylish locks. The look isn't restricted to only fashionistas and celebrities, you can spot the dreadlocks you so desire by either using artificial or natural method.

The easiest way to get your dreads is the neglect method. You do not need any products as it is a do-it-yourself style. Just wash and wax your hair, leave it to dry. In a matter of days, the hair would have locked nicely from the roots, giving you the dreads you desire.

Another method is the twist and rip style which is also an easy method. Part your hair into one inch by one inch sections. With a rubber band, hold each section. Then wash with a residue-free shampoo. When washing, rub your hair in a clockwise motion till it's dry. Then, separate your hair at the sections where rubber bands are, add a considerable amount of wax to each section and palm-roll to get the locks.

The back combing method needs a lot of time and attention to get your dreadlocks properly done. Wash your hair with residue-free shampoo and allow it air dry. Then part your hair into sections that are one by one inch and hold them down with rubberbands. From the back of your head remove the rubberbands and tease the hair towards your scalp. Back comb only half inch of hair with a metal comb at a time. This will keep your dreads from forming loops. Once you have finished back combing a section, put a rubberband on the tip and another on the root, then add enough dread wax and palm roll. Repeat same procedure to all sections.

For the twisting method, wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo and let it dry. Part hair into one by one inch. Once you have sectioned all the hair, take sections one at a time and twist it back and forth between your fingers. Then put some wax on the twist and keep twisting. The more you twist the hair, the faster the dreads form and lock.

The most popular kind of dreads for ladies who do not want their hair ruined is the loomed dread. You need synthetic hair to have it done and by a professional hair stylist. The synthetic hair is usually clipped to the hair.

Another popular method is the dread perm. The procedure is stressless. Visit a salon and have a stylist apply chemical that will help your hair form dreadlocks easily and fast.

For those with short hair, the brush rubbing method is the best. Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo and let it air dry. Get a soft bristle brush and brush your hair in a circular motion. You'll notice little dread balls forming. Add a little wax to each lock to make it form better.

It is important to visit a professional hair stylish to know what method works best for you. Then you can look stylist wearing your dreadlocks.