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The National Vanguard for Democracy and Development (NVDD) has said that desperate politicians afraid of losing the forthcoming general election were behind the spate of bombings and killings across the country.

The group, in a statement issued in Lagos by its National Publicity Secretary, Emeka Obinagwu, in response to the New Year's Eve bombing at Abacha Barracks, Abuja , said desperate politicians were bent on destabilising the nation. According to him, such politicians create an atmosphere of insecurity to scuttle the general election and create an excuse for inviting the military.

Obinagwu condoled the families of victims of the blasts, saying, 'the plots will fail because Nigerians are saying never to military and these emblems of the old order no matter their evil scheming.' Obinagwu described it as sad that while friends and families are planning to pray their way into the New Year and celebrate with their loved ones, the merchants of evil were planning how to kill and destroy the nation.

'All they want to do is to create an atmosphere of insecurity to score cheap political points.

They are just evil. To them, the lives of ordinary Nigerians does not matter, anything done to take power is fair', he said. The group explained that its allegation was not an attempt to label any politician but stated that, 'we are just tired that Nigerians are used as collateral damage by people desperate for power'. He said that weeks ago, some politicians said there will be violence saying that the prediction of such people is already manifesting.

'It is time that the Jonathan administration rein in on these warmongers. There should be no sacred cows. These politicians by their actions and statements have on their own forewarned us that they were preparing these desperate measures. No man no matter how highly placed should be allowed to engage in criminality,' he said

The group advised Nigerians not to allow anybody to use religion or regional affiliations to co-opt them into proxy wars, saying 'what we need now is to renew our common bond as brothers and sisters and assist government in stabilising democracy by turning down every offer to be used as agents of destabilization.'