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Six weeks after delivery Doris Simon, who won indigenious actress of the year at the just concluded AMAA Awards spoke with us in the comfort of her home.

I'm surprised you are not that fat after delivery. How come?
Well, I thank God; I don't know why it's like that.
It seems you worked till the last day of your delivery.
Not really, actually I went on break two months to my delivery.

How were you able to work with your big tummy?
I would say it was because I didn't have a big tummy. It wasn't that obvious.

How was it like in the labour room?
It was very sweet. People outside would understand what I mean by that. It was nice.

How does it feel to have a baby boy at last?
I'm so happy, extremely happy. There was a day I went to a friend's house, she was marking her child's birthday, I was there and was wishing I had my own child too. I love children around me, I love to see them play and dance. So, when I had my baby I was so happy, at least I have my own baby.

How long did it take you to get pregnant?
I didn't wait for too long. I got married early December and gave birth in April.
You must have been pregnant before marriage, was that deliberate?
Well, it just came, you know as a normal thing, when you are going out with a guy you go over to his house to sleep sometimes and you know.

Why did you chose him?
I don't know. That means they were so many and I chose him out of the lot, (laughter) I really don't know. We met on a set and I got to like him. It was not that we met and started dating, it started by our working together and from one thing to the other we became friends and got closer and closer and here we are.

On which set did you two meet?
On his set, Omo Jayejaye in 2005.
So, what made you say yes?
We were working together and from there I got to know him and felt he is somebody I could live the rest of my life with.

Was marriage on your mind when you started dating?

What was on your mind then?
We really did not know it would get to this extent, it just happened. Friendship was what was on my mind. I really did not know we would go this far, we worked together and we were good friends. When we met it was like we could do things together and since we have passion for this job we became more like business partners. Now, it has gone beyond that.

How did he 'toast' you?
When you see him, you should ask him.

Why did you choose someone who is already in the movie industry?
He knows and understands the job. He knows what we face and I thought since we know what we do, it is better for us to be together.
Why did you get married early, most of your colleagues are yet to settle down?
I am not too young.

But you are not yet 30?
It doesn't matter. I'm in my twenties and it doesn't really matter. At my age I should have given birth to my sixth child and see me with my first child.

What do you mean give birth to your sixth child?
I should be resting by now, after all Omotola gave birth to five children before 30.

When are we going to get to see you on location again, this is the sixth week since you gave birth?
I'm working on my second movie now. Very soon we shall go on set.

Everybody seems to be talking about your movie, Onitemi. How come?
When we were actually working on the set, I wasn't happy because I doubted if I had done a good job. So many things were going through my head, I was like God, help me. I started comparing the movies with other films out there, especially Funke Akindele's films and some other good movies out there. Though it was my first movie, I wish it was better, but when the movie was released everybody started calling me and commended me for a job well done.

How many copies were sold?
Actually, I don't know but the marketers will know much about that; how many copies they sold and how much they made.

Which movie is the most challenging one you had?
None really. I don't think I've ever been in any challenging movie like that

What of Modupe Temi?
Modupe Temi was a challenging movie but not the most challenging.

Your new movie, what's it going to look like?
It's going to be action packed, thriller, I think that's what it will be like.

Who are the people you are planning to work with?
I'm planning to work with some English artistes who can speak Yoruba whose identity I won't disclose now.

It seems you have been working with Saheed Balogun, is there any relationship?
Saheed Balogun is a very close friend to my husband, may be that's why.

You once told me your boyfriend use to say you're good in bed. was that same boyfriend now your husband?
Well, I'll say that was a long time ago before I met my husband, he was my ex- boy friend.

What really happened?
I'll say I don't really know what happened, it's the devil.

Will you say it was none of your own fault?
Well, part of my fault and part of his fault.
When you met your husband, were you not that scared whether he could be those kinds of people…?
Initially, I was somehow scared, but when we started going out I got to know him the more. He's a cool headed guy, God fearing, friendly and very playful. These are what I really love about in my guy. Except for sometime that I go to work and I come back very late, whenever I was on a location he comes with me too, except he's not in Lagos.

Do you feel lonely when he doesn't come home?
Well, I feel lonely, but we talk on phone to ease the loneliness,but I don't really feel bad about it.

Do you miss him in bed?
(Laughs), why are you asking that? I think the bed thing is one of the roles in marriage so that your husband will not look outside or have an affair with someone else out there.

Do you think your husband will not look outside?
Yes, because I trust him.
Sometimes trust is not enough.

Well, God is involoved and with God by my side, but I know he's a God fearing man and loves respect.
What are those things you do to him that keeps him?
I cook good food for him, even, if I don't like it. I make sure I take good care of him, we exchange love pleasantries like I love you, I love you. As an Urhobo man, he likes his woman to be good in bed and I make sure I satisfy him and make him happy.

Are you good in bed?
Ah! Sam. You have asked me such question before now(laughs)

This is 2008, so, what makes you think your husband think you are good in bed?
Because he's happy with it, he doesn't complain.
Does being good in bed have anything to do with the part of country you come from?
I don't really know but I think it's everywhere.

Does your husband easily gets tired before you on bed?
I don't know (laughs).

How many do you intend to have after David?
Well, in my mind, I wish my second child would be a set of twins and that would be the end of it, but my husband wants like four children.

Which one would you do, three or four?
Well, if by chance I give birth to twins as my second born, that will be the last child I would have.
Do you think your second movie would make the same landmark impact like the first one?
I pray it does. I'm looking forward to a time when I will shoot a movie not only, in Nigeria alone but also across the African countries and Western world.

How possible would that be?
Well, with God on my side.
About the award of a thing, what was your expectation about it before it finally came?
I can say it was God, I thank God for it. That very day, it was only two stations that showed it; AIT and NTA.

I just turned on the television set and behold to my surprise it just happened like that. I saw my husband on the television, but I thought he won an award and went there to collect it not until people started calling me and congratulating me. My husband later called me.

When a woman gives birth to a child there is usually conflict between father and child about the person who sucks the breast. Is that the case with David and his father too?
Why must that cause a fight? (Laughs) I'll manage the two of them. David sucks the breast while the father will eat his “eba.” He will have to be patient.

How has life been treating you in marriage?
Well, fine. It is a good thing being married than being single, because there's much difference between a married and an unmarried person.
Who takes charge in bed between you and your husband, who stays on top you or your husband?
Ah! That's a very big question; well sometimes I think I do.

You mean you take total charge and he doesn't feel inferior?
No, how would he feel inferior? He likes it that way and he enjoys it because he doesn't complain (laughs).