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Muma Gee
Muma Gee
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Few men would pass by Kade singer, Muma Gee, without a second glance.

Besides being blessed with a great figure, Muma knows how to dress in apparels that would make the average man drool.

It is not all about wearing crazy coulours though , she also has a penchant for showing off some parts of her body that are better left to the imagination.

Many believe that Muma dresses this way to command the attention of the opposite sex, but she denied this.

“I love colours and I love playing with them. I don't have it in mind to seduce anybody when I dress. I only wear what I feel comfortable in.

“Don't forget that our climate is very hot. You shouldn't expect me to cover up my body all the time.”

As her Kade album is making waves, Muma is set to drop another single, which she calls Amebo.

If you imagine that the song is directed at people who are envious of her, you missed the point. Muma said, “The song is centered on what is happening in the society. It is not about me really. There is so much gossip in the land. It is something that affects everybody, so I decided to make a song out of it.”