By Uche Olehi

We understand you are into some modeling jobs?
S "Yeah, I just got an endorsement as the face of Emelda, a company in the states

How much is it really worth?
S "There are lots of speculations going on. I'm bound by my contract not to disclose the amount, but it is definitely in millions"

What's new about Stephanie Okereke?
S "Stephanie is doing a lot of great things. Other than the endorsement, I'm working. I'm also setting up a foundation to create awareness for Vestico Vagina Fescular (VVF), that's the thing I'm doing now.

We are amazed at your transformation after your life threatening auto crash years back
S "That's why I said I had to be at AMAA 2008. The last one I had an accident. The second time I was on crutches and today I'm walking. I give God all the glory"

How is life without a husband? (trust naija Journalists...they always go there...lol)
S "That I wouldn't want to talk about, but I'm feeling so great. How do I look without him?"

Cool. Any plans to remarry?
S "I don't know. But I'm very much single"

What are the mistakes you made in your crashed marriage that you want to correct now?
S "I don't think I made any mistake in my relationship. I'm happy with the way everything went."

No regret, you're perfect?
S "No, not that I'm perfect. Any decision you make you are accountable for it. I know what I passed through and I am proud I actually stood out at the end of the day"

What are you expecting from your future husband, considering the travails of the first?
S "No comment about that. When it comes, I will let you know."