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Bomb Blasts: President Identifies Two Sources

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Quoting from the front page lead story under the heading 'Jonathan Links New Year Eve Bombing to Jos Blast; Traces October 1 Explosion to Niger Delta' in This Day newspaper of Sunday January 2, 2011, President Jonathan said, verbatim: 'The Preliminary analysis of the explosives so far used in Nigeria, the one used in the October 1 explosion has the same characteristics with the ones that happened in Port Harcourt, Warri and some parts of the Niger Delta, it has been classified. The one that happened yesterday (Friday, New Year Eve) from preliminary analysis is identical with the ones that happened in Jos. So there are two routes. As long as the security operatives know the two routes, we will get to where these things are coming from'.  

  If this is coming from the horse's mouth, it means that the President has recanted on his earlier statement which was 'How could MEND have done it (the October 1 Bomb blasts) when they have one of their own as the President for four months now'. MEND did claim responsibilities for the bomb blasts in Warri, Port Harcourt, October 1 (Abuja) and some parts of Niger Delta and President Jonathan has confirmed so in other ways including the above statement in This Day newspaper. So it is no more northerners who are against President Jonathan contesting in the 2011 that were responsible as some Nigerians were made to believe?  

  Also we should ignore the respected Sultan of Sokoto and few others who want us to countenance a Boko Haram sect (Jama'atu Alhus Sunnah Lid Da'awati Wal Jihad) that through television blog announcement claimed responsibility of the Army Barracks bomb attacks. If the Jos and the Abuja Army Barracks explosions are from the same source like the President confirmed and the same Boko Haram sect has claimed responsibility for both, then all that is left is for the security operatives to do, is track them down or let Sultan and company tell us who were responsible. The insecurity rearing its ugly head in recent time is nothing that should be glossed over. And by the way what is the National Security Adviser (NSA) General Azazi (retired) doing; one would not forget in a hurry the regime of General Aliyu Gusau as the NSA, at least we had some relief. It shows that there are security men and the security man. We should not be groping in darkness. Someone should take responsibilities.  

  Dr. Emmanuel James, Plot 1159 Woji Road, Port Harcourt.