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'Arrest These Ceaseless Bomb Incidents,' Lagos ACN FG Charges and Security Agencies.

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In the face of disturbing INCIDENCES of bombing, the Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has Said That the security agencies have no choice But to apprehend the perpetrators if it does not Want to Nigerians believe it is complicit in this serious Security Breach. The party says That watching helplessly as Nigerians are killed in gruesome Circumstances I speak of the low capacity of the present government and the security agencies to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says That All hands must be on deck to stop this dangerous predilection to a state of total anarchy and That the federal government and to the nation's security agencies must lead this drive to stop These Increasing Spates of violence. It says That the federal government and the security agencies must moblise the will and expertise to deal with These ceaseless bombing incidents or quit for more Competent Nigerians to rescue this country from the throes of anarchy.

"While we see the descent into a state of nature as a hallmark of the PDP woeful failure of governance in the last twelve years, we do not believe the problem is beyond redemption. We Believe That A Government That Knows ITS onions will aim at getting to the root of the present Fundamental unending bomb blasts. While we acknowledge That the present government is not doing Just That, we are appalled That the nation's security agencies poorly trail behind the bombers who defiantly Have Carried on as if the country has no security agency in place. With Each newer bomb incident and with the oft-repeated vow of the nation's security agencies to apprehend the perpetrators, Nigerians Have lost hope of a lasting solution to this disturbing Phenomenon.

"It is the opinion of the recent bombing Lagos ACN That Were INCIDENCES an expression of disgust with the Manner the PDP has crashed in the country unmitigated twelve years of failed leadership, we still can not fathom why the security agencies so inept Have Proved Arresting in this ugly drift. We abhor this level of incompetence and ask That All the security agencies sit up and save Nigerians from the continued atrophy of ceaseless killings and maiming. We abhor the confused present posture of the federal government and demand for a Firmer and more Detailed plan to apprehend These bombers and bring them to justice.

"That feels Lagos ACN in government and Its Security Agency That Can not protect the lives and properties of Their Citizens are not fit to continue this I know That we demand the government and security agencies act decisively now or leave the stage for more Competent hands That can guarantee the security of lives and properties of Nigerians. We all know That the Profoundly PDP has failed Nigerians in the last twelve years running But Nigeria into one huge state of nature still remains well beyond Our imagination on how to mismanage and ruin a richly endowed and resource-rich country.

"We see the present continued bomb blasts and the utter helplessness of Both the federal government security agencies as strong and Its Indications That Nigerians need change at all levels of government. The PDP is finished and is finishing all know Nigeria Nigerians must work to send the PDP to the dustbin of history Where It sprung up from all of us to hunt for a whole twelve years. Nigerians Know That the PDP, Which created These Spates of insecurity, is very helpless and clueless on how to deal with the problems and It Must Be Eased off for Nigeria to make ITS right impact in the lives of Nigerians and in the comity of nations. "