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How to get your ex back after a break-up

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If you have ever had to endure the misery of going through a relationship break up then you will know how darn frustrating and stressful it can be. Even the most amicable break ups can have terrible emotional side effects. The likelihood is that you feel awfully confused, frustrated and even an intense feeling of guilt...and...if all that wasn't enough you just can't seem to get the thoughts of your ex partner from out of your thoughts. You know that things can't ever be the same again, but still you can't stop thinking to yourself "what must I do to get my ex back once more?" this nagging question can sometimes be a difficult one to answer. However, the solution does not always have to have a negative out come, because with carful planning there is a good chance that you can do exactly that, ( get your ex back) but it may take a bit of soul searching and some hard work.

The truth is, no two people are the same, and that fact is also true of relationships. Every partnership is different. No one knows your ex as better than you, so you're your responsibility to take notice of the advice that this article will give you. However, there is one single thread that every relationship has in common, and that is: “they are all composed of two people”. So, even though you may be completely convinced that it's your ex's fault that things went wrong, you have to be sensible enough to understand that you must have also had a part to play in circumstances prior to the break-up. But, here's some thing interesting : even though there were two people involved in the relationship, there is only one person right now that you can sufficiently influence to make any significant changes, and! That's you.

So, while you are the only one that you can influence, it's clear, that you are the one that needs to be taken care of first. And so the first step for getting your ex back is to cut all contact with your ex - for the moment.

Yes, you may miss your ex badly, but at this moment in time you need to be by yourself. If you keep trying to make contact your ex you will run the risk of aggravate them and drive them further away from you. This is the time to do some work on you and get into a better emotional shape. "Getting your ex to love you again" is not an unreasonable request, but you have to realise that you first need to love yourself. Ensure that you are eating properly, sleeping well, getting plenty of exercise, and getting out and about with friends, are all important component to winning back an ex.

Once you start to recover the shock of the break-up and start thinking with a more clear head, it's time to take an honest assessment at what went wrong with your relationship. This can be more difficult than it sounds, because it requires being brutally honest with yourself. Many people will only try and take into account the things that are on the surface, but surface manifestations are indications' of far deeper underlying problems. For example, two adults in a relationship together and constantly nagging and arguing with each other isn't really the problem. The real problem is: what's causing the constant nagging and arguing? Again, this step isn't an easy one to implement, but if you miss it out or don't do it properly then you will probably fail to identify correctly the parts of the relationship that have actually broken down and gone wrong.

It is only when you have done these steps, and have identified what really went wrong with the relationship should you make any attempt to contact with your ex again. At this point all you are trying to do is talk to your ex face-to-face. It is vital that you do your best to try and keep cool, don't rush things and always stay positive. If you do the above steps correctly then you will stand a good chance of getting a very positive response to your question of, " how to get your ex back fast and make them love you again?"