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When it comes to Imo state politics, Ehime Mbano cannot be pushed to the background.

With people like Prof Maurice Iwu the immediate past chairman of INEC, Late senator Emeka Echeruo who until his death was Nigeria Ambassador to Germany in 2003, just to mention but few from that zone, one cannot say that Ehime Mbano lacks people who can effectively represent them in both state and National Assemblies.

But for quite sometimes now, Ehime Mbano constituency which is an integral part of the two local government areas that make up that zone, have been shortchanged and ignored in terms of development.

Those who have the opportunity to better the life of the people turned their eyes the other way while the people in the area suffered. It is in view of these circumstances that we resolved that those who would represent us this time around must first understand our peculiar political nature of quality service delivery as rendered by the late Senator Emeka Echeruo when he represented us in the senate in 1979.

Again, the immediate past INEC chair, Prof Maurice Iwu from that zone stands tall among great achievers who have made the area proud. It is on record that he was the first Nigerian electoral umpire that was able to conduct an election civilian administration handing over to another. These men made us proud and should be emulated by any one who wishes to represent us in whatever capacity.

Today, those who represent Ehime Mbano in the state house of Assembly have failed them, by failing to sponsor or move motions that will impact positively on the lives of people in the zone. It is unfortunate that they are unable to make their impact felt in the floor of the house by presenting the needs of the people during debate.

It is against this background that this write-up serves as wake up call on people from the zone to try some one else because four years have been squandered by the incumbent. No wonder then that the youths, old and young has thrown their weight behind Honourable Kingsley Dimaku chairman, to represent them as member of the House of Assembly come 2011. So far, he has given employment to majority of the youth in Agbaje community who now see him as good replacement for the incumbent. The people and stakeholder after a high-powered meeting in the constituency scored the incumbent low and endorsed Dimaku to represent them in Imo State house of Assembly.

It is expected that Hon Dimaku will learn from the mistakes of the incumbent if elected, that quality and effective representation is putting the people first. He should aspire and be ready to be accountable to the people who elected him to represent them and present their need to the state government. Looking at Ehime Mbano today, it is a shadow of itself. Roads leading to various communities are not motorable, no ongoing project and nothing to make the people feel the impact of governance. And that is the reason Ehime Mbano people must get it right this time around by electing a credible leader who will restore the dignity of people from the zone