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THE Sonny Kuku Foundation recently organised a lecture to enlighten the public on the 'the emergence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Tuberculosis (TB).'

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Femi Fasanmade, who is also the Vice-President, Nigerian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism) analysed the problems associated with the two diseases.

According to Fasanmade:  'Diabetes Mellitus is now a global epidemic. The social impact lies in the days of leave and reduced individual productivity, which result in reduction of income and in some cases job lose.

'The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated the Diabetes Mellitus prevalence in Nigeria as 3.4 per cent. This may be an under-representation as more than half a million people in Lagos State are living with Diabetes Mellitus.  'With the rising number of registered Diabetes Mellitus cases in the state hospital, it is estimated that Lagos State Hospital would be serving close to 100,000 diagnosed cases of DM.'

Fasanmade said there was a definite association between TB and DM and this deadly combination might impair optimal treatment of both, especially when one of them was present but undiagnosed and ultimately, causing increased morbidity and mortality.

'In 2008, a survey of TB patients at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital showed that the prevalence of under-diagnosed DM was six per cent,' he said, adding: 'The consequent of lipid disorders in DM lie in the fact that they predispose patient with DM to developing stroke, health failure and narrowing of the blood vessels.'

He suggested a proactive management of DM and TB, prevention of DM, creation of DM clinics in our hospitals, non-governmental, adding that stakeholders should partner with government to increase the public awareness of these two diseases as well as infrastructural upgrading of both Diabetes and Tuberculosis in our General/tertiary hospitals.

The Foundation was founded on January 9, 2004, with a mission to reduce the burden associated with sickle cell diseases and Diabetes Mellitus, two disorders, which often lead to reduced quantity and quality of life.

At the event were former  Lagos State Commissioner  for Health, Dr. Leke Pitan Pitan;  Dr. Prof. Augustine Ohwohoriole, Dr. Sonny Kuku among others.