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I was an unbeliever who derided the Lord before He started on Tuesday, February 18, 1969 to speak with me one-to-one as when two human beings are discussing. That was seven and a half months after I graduated with a first degree from the University of Ibadan in June 1968. The Heavenly Father had that day forty-one years ago introduced Himself to me as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who I had read about in the Holy Bible but whose existence I do not believe in.

Indeed, I have written in this column about my irreligious attitude when I was a student at Christ School, Ado-Ekiti (1958-62) and how because of that the principal, the late British-born Canon Leslie Donald Mason in 1960 had initially removed my name from the group of members of the Geographical Society on an-excursion to Benin Sapele, Warri and Ughelli. But he later allowed me to go following the plea of the teacher in-charge and some of my seniors.

Apart from the day He started communicating with me forty-one years ago Monday, December 20, 1993 has been another special day in my relationship with the Lord. Because that was the day He gave me the opportunity as He did with King Solomon in the Bible (I Kings 3:1-15 and 2 Chronicles 1:3-12) to ask for anything I wanted Him to do for me. But unlike Solomon whose experience happened in a dream, mine was in real life and like him I too requested for only wisdom and knowledge. And as He did with Solomon the Lord commended me too for not asking for money and long life and promised He would do for me more than I had asked for.

It is on this account that the Heavenly Father started taking questions from me on issues in the Holy Bible and Koran, a privilege He said He did not grant to many of those who had asked for the grace before me from time immemorial. This explains why what I write about issues in the Bible are uniquely different from what other people script or say. The Lord took questions from me on issues in the Bible and Koran from 1997 until December 2006 when He suspended it and is yet to resume.

It is instructive that King Solomon the only person God gave the opportunity to ask Him for anything he wanted and who demanded for only wisdom and knowledge was the author of three of the 66 Books in the Holy Bible. He and his father King David who wrote most of the Psalms were the only non-prophets, non-prophetesses, non-apostles and non-Christ disciples or followers who produced Books in the Bible.

The Books ascribed to King Solomon are Proverbs (of 30 chapters), Ecclesiastes or the Preacher or Philosopher (12 chapters), Song of Songs also known as Song of Solomon (8 chapters) and Psalm 72 (a prayer for the king).

Without being immodest I want to point it out that two thousand and eighty-eight years on, I who followed the example of King Solomon in asking for only wisdom and knowledge is the one to whom the Lord is explaining issues in the Holy Bible. And whom He has set aside to write books on what He reveals to me or the messages He sent me to deliver to Nigerian leaders.

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