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My name is PCD, a media practitioner, paparazzi, father, husband and Nigerian, I am not Julian Assange, I am just me and these are my leaks on my motherland for now.

The national chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo, had leaked that the party had resolved to return all its members in the National Assembly who have been performing excellently, in the 2011 general election...a leak that tells us that the elections would be free and fair?!

"As at now, I can’t tell you the quantity that was stolen, neither will I be able to tell you who was and who was not on duty and not on duty when the incident happened". That was the first leak when DDC machines disappeared, no was stolen.

My leaks confirmed that political enemies and opponents, witches and witchcraft of democracy according to a pastor friend were responsible. My leaks revealed that a prototype of the machine was needed to make duplicates, already Aba, in Abia, Panteka in Kaduna is working hard.

And our boys in computer village have been engaged so these machines will be programmed from a hidden location to send in election results to INEC servers.

My leaks said that the incident of missing DDC machines is only a signpost to what to expect in the coming general elections. And as a commentator asked "is this DDC machines the size of a Nokia 3310 that was just pocketed by the now arrested suspects"?

The DDC machines were left uncleared for days in which anything could have happened, infact it could have be stolen and returned...if you get the drift.

And the first reaction, from INEC was, the machines are not ours, then soon afterwards some were recovered, suspects arrested and then as I write its case closed.

My leaks tell me that Nigerians have low expectation, they don’t task their leaders, they wait until the knife is on their throat, even then? They are equally people with native intelligence but suffer oyinbo malaria "a condition that makes you sell yourself cheap to everything that is white and foreign, from his religion to his way of dressing without modification or thoughts of yourself".

Examples of the condition were manifested in Jonathan vs Sanders Wikileaks Commentary.

My leaks show that the economy is in a bad state, I do not need Atiku, Jonathan, Ngozi Iweala, or Buhari to reel out figures and counter facts, jargons and grammar of 10% this and that of inflation, deflation and crossflation to know that all is not well.

My leaks does not require the epic featherweight boxing match between Mallam Sanusi and the National Assembly to know that the guys and chicks there are only making laws for themselves cause I see their luxury bulletproof cars, I know their girlfriends, concubines, their plazas, malls, estates, their chieftaincy titles and knighthoods all funded by collective slumber.

I am naive and I agree, not in my time did I envisage that the Nigerian budget will be in the region of kids may as well see zillions. And my leaks are not about the millions, billions, trillions or pdpillions but the lack of anything to show for.

My leaks say in blunt terms say that 80billion don't guarantee free, fair and credible elections. ACN will rig in the Southwest, CPC will rig here and there, ANPP is fast loosing grip. APGA will do its stunts in Anambra and PDP will ultimately rigmarole even Jega's best intention.

Most Ibos will not perform their yearly pilgrimage to ala Igbo this December, for fear of kidnap, heightening general insecurity and lack of funds. Many parents will find it hard to pay school fees come January, after a ‘chickenless’ Christmas.

But really what is new about the is not about Jonathan, but my leaks over the years has gathered documents, classified, unclassified, de-classified and 'street-gossipified and rumourified' that our leaders lack the administrative capability and will.

A lack of political cohesion has always been our bane, laced with ethnic bigotry and mediocritised jingoism of the highest order, religious illusion easily exploited not as a result of only poverty of the pocket but of the mind, has in no small terms led to an inability to facilitate any form of government policy and growth for any part of the nation.

So therefore, even if Jonathan wins, the Ijaw man still suffers, just as Ogun state that has produced and parades a curtain of 'who is who' and who is not, has failed to resolve a house of assembly palaver for months and no one cares.

Just as Kano has nothing to show for the Abacha years, nor Minna, Niger state any better because of the Hilltop landlords. Ekiti with all the Professors and 'professoress' produced a Fayose, and Abia God's own state is our own Mexico.

We are just not ready and the truth is that whether Jonathan or the National Assembly agrees someday, now or in the future we will have to redefine the modus operandi of our co-existence and we all hope that it is negotiated peacefully, because until there is true federalism, resource control and a functional democracy we are just massaging the ringworm thinking it would heal.

The Esanland people have a proverb that literally translates to me that, to kill an old man you want dead, simply put off the light from the firewood that provides him warmth and live him out there. Whether you killed him or not is a subject of quantitative and verbal reasoning.

Merry Xmas to Nigeria, friends and foes of Nigeria, as we reflect on some kind of change for Nigeria, I rest my case for now.

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