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The Kingdom Fortress Ministry, based in Enugu, published the testimonies of seven Colombian youths on how the Lord Jesus took them to Hell and Heaven on April 11, 1995. The 140-page book is not for sale. The Senior Pastor of the church, Pastor Emeka Onyebuchi, is a house-hold name in Enugu. When we were looking for a pastor, even a visiting one, I shared the need with FACE, my sister-in-law, who was worshipping with him in their former Church, she shouted, 'God forbid, we cannot spare him for two weeks'.

Emeka is not the author of the book but has published it raw. The testimonies were given in Spanish before they were translated into English. In the process, that of the seventh youth was lost. They were praying, preparing for a picnic, by 10am a glorious light appeared to them. They all started to speak in tongues and were baptized in the Holy Ghost. The angels of God appeared before them, and Jesus followed, assuring them that the purpose of the revelation was for them to manifest to men what they would see.

'We were in a horn-shaped tunnel… and then arrived at some caverns: at some horrible doors like labyrinth. …we noted a terrible smell and heat that chocked us. Once we entered, we saw terrible things, frightful images. The entire place was engulfed with flames, and in the middle of those flames were bodies of thousands of people. They were suffering in great torment… Worms were coming in and out of their empty eye sockets, mouths, and ears and were penetrating the skin all through their bodies… We saw the lake of fire and brimstone. On one side of the lake, there was a smaller lake. In that smaller lake, there were millions and millions of souls crying and begging the Lord to have mercy on them…However, the Lord could not do anything because their judgment was already set.' Each of them testified how the people were pleading to be brought out for a second or given another chance to live in the earth.

They were taken also to Heaven. One of the youths, by name Ariel, testified how they were taken to a place where they were many children. The Lord was in their midst and was spending quality time with them. One of the youths asked Him whether the children were the ones to be born on earth. 'No,' He answered, 'these children are the ones aborted on the earth. Ariel was shaken visibly as he remembered how he impregnated a lady and the baby was aborted. The sin hunted him even after he was born-again. There and there, the Lord pointed to a girl, saying: 'Ariel, do you see that girl that is there? She is your daughter'. When he saw the girl, the wound that had been in his heart from the day of the abortion, started getting healed. The Lord allowed him to get closer to the girl. Ariel took her by the hand and looked into her eyes and she said, 'Daddy'.

May I thank God that we live in a country that refused to legalize abortion. That does not mean that people are not sailing in that boat, but they should not drag us, a whole nation, to that evil. Human beings condemn a lady if she is pregnant without a husband. Ladies that sleep freely with men join also in the condemnation. God does not condemn pregnancy. What He judges is what gives rise to it. 'Are they married? Was she raped?' He queries. We promote sexy dresses and language. It has come to the level that the sexier a woman is, the more beautiful she is rated. A lady in broad daylight can now claim that she is sexier than another lady. Abomination! May God deliver us. 

These evil words filtrate into the minds of children and by the time they reach the age of puberty, they have lost their virginity. As they count the number of men they have slept with, so also do they count the number of babies they have washed down the drain. The men who are responsible for the pregnancies and their friends, who are in the picture, will certainly congratulate the girls after successful abortions. Some ladies and also men might have lost count of the number of abortions they must have made or sponsored. There is no problem. Cheer up. Nothing is lost!

In 1986, I arrived at Amsterdam for an International Conference. At the registration post, they did not care to know my name, country, age or if I had paid any amount. All they did was to ask for my registration number, which. I quoted, I think, 2950. That was all. They keyed it on their computer and everything about me came out! So did Jesus do in the case of Bro. Ariel. And so will He do for you!

As we celebrate the Christmas, there is a record about you which the Police, your parents, Pastors, friends, may not know. You do not even need to remember it; in fact, you have the right to forget it. Do not worry, Heaven keeps the records for you! Ariel could not pay for his because he is born-again and old things about him have all passed away. What of you? Have you also given your life to Jesus?