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One of the greatest threats to the survival of democracy in Nigeria is corruption. It has never been that bad.It is unfortunate that corruption has become a major vice in this country.

Since 1999, when the nation returned to democratic rule after several years of military dictatorship, the expectation of millions of Nigerians was that it would be the dawn of a new era. But this has not been the case. Corruption has become rampant with many public office holders being indicted. It is sad that it is still not yet uhuru for the voters who elected these leaders into office.

Corruption is giving Nigeria a bad name to the extent that even on the international scene, respect that other nations would have accorded Nigeria is being eroded due to corrupt acts by our leaders.

As another general election is fast approaching, Nigerians should realise that time has come for a change. They should vote only for credible people who have the guts to take the bull by the horn. We need revolutionary leaders that will clean the augean stable. We need a fearless leader that will clear the rot.

Nigeria of today is not the kind of nation envisaged by the founding fathers. The decay in Nigeria today would even make some of the founding fathers turn in their graves.

2011 general elections
Now that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has released the time table, political parties should prepare for the battle ahead. The election should not be seen as a do-or-die affair.

Instead of engaging in acts of political brigandage or harassment of political opponents, parties and their leaders should sell their manifesto to the electorate. They should engage in campaign of ideas, and not only that, electioneering campaigns should be issue-oriented.

As expected, all eyes would be focused on INEC chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, and his team. The INEC boss should strive to be an unbiased umpire. He should provide a level playing ground for all parties.

Jega shouldn't forget the reputation he has built over the years. He should not allow some unscrupulous elements to tarnish his image.

2011 general election will go a long way in determining the future of our democracy. INEC should not forget that international observers would be coming to monitor the poll. We also have one lesson or two to learn from other countries like the United States, and Cote d'Ivoire, where elections were recently held without any report of violence.

This is another major threat to democracy. The recent happenings around the country, including Abuja bomb blast, and importation of 13-containers load of arms calls for concern. Following closely on the heels of the containers-arms saga was the recently reported seizure of some military weapons illegally brought into the country by the Nigeria Navy.

These are ominous signs, and appropriate actions must be taken by security agencies to bring the situation under control. Insecurity is a serious threat that must be addressed before the general elections.

Democracy can't thrive amid insecurity. This is a big task for President Goodluck Jonathan. Federal Government must ensure security of lives and property. It is not only democracy that is threatened by insecurity, every facet of our lives, including the economy will be endangered.

Leadership problems in Nigeria
The nation has not got it right since 50 years ago when we got independence because we have not been blessed with visionary leaders. The founding fathers had lofty ideas for this nation. Their dream was to transform Nigeria into a force to be reckoned with in the comity of nations. They, indeed, tried their best but successive leaders have not been able to take Nigeria to the promised land.

Nigeria is in dire need of visionary leaders who can take daring actions. The nation need men of courage that can change the status quo. We need a leader that can tackle the so-called cabal that have not allowed things to work.

MPPP and 2011
The party will present formidable candidates that will deliver the goods. Nigerians are yearning for a change, and MPPP will provide a platform for dynamic professionals who will deliver dividends of democracy to Nigerians.MPPP is a grass-root party.We are not afraid of big names. We have candidates that will shock the so-called big parties. We are set to spring a surprise.

2011 will be a year of disappointment for many parties. MPPP will demystify the so-called invincibility of these big political parties.