I Don’t See Any Wedding Coming Soon - Nadia Buari

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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari
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Nadia Buari is one of those Ghanaian artistes whose faces are very scarce in films as she has reached a level of achievement with just a few movies to her credit. She recently speaks with TOPE OLUKOLE in far away Ghana about her life, career and other sundry issues. Excerpts:

Can you tell us about your background?
I was born on November 21, 1982. I am an half-caste.

How did you get into the movie industry in Ghana?
I've always wanted to act right from my youth days. When I was in the college, I took a course called Performing Arts, that deals with theatre and acting.

I produced a stage play, 'Mad Again'. It was directed by a final year student, who later got a job in a production house and called on me. It was a TV soap series; I was auditioned for a part and got it. After some time, I got a phone call and I therefore joined them. I can say precisely that the final year student that I'm referring to paved the way for me.

What's your first movie?
My first movie is Mummy's Daughter. After that, I featured in many films both local and international. I featured in Beyond the President's Daughter and the one that was collaborated by Ghana/ Nigeria titled A woman's Heart. Recently, I featured in American Soldier.

What is your secret of getting to the top with the few movies you've done?
I have been playing lead roles which really boost my image. I am very fortunate to be honoured, especially to be nominated for the best actress at the AMA last year. But I want to tell the whole world that I've just started.

How do you balance your school and acting?
It is difficult, especially when you don't have a flexible schedule; sometimes I have to shoot a movie and be on location for two weeks or even more. I have to miss class and when I come back I have to catch up. This is one of the reasons why I have not been able to produce a lot of movies. At times I may be in the examination hall when I would have a call that there is 'location' in so,so,so place, and vice-versa. And in this kind of situation I find things very difficult.

Do your parents support your career?
They are in full support. My father used to be an actor and director until he got into music full-time. He (father) is the president of the Music Guild of Ghana and he produces music.

Do you plan to take after your dad's career as a singer?
I'm terrible at singing! My dad has a studio and I try singing once in a while but my mom says singing is not for me. If I sing, I have to close my ears! I am simply bad at singing.

How do you see Ghana's movie industry in future?
Before now, people saw movie-making as a joke. They came on set to play; they weren't punctual. Now, it is all starting to fall in place. They are taking it serious. A lot of people are coming into it. I think this is because movies are getting recognised internationally. I think in the next years to come we will be able to boast a real 'Gollywood', we could be the ones organising AMA Awards! Producers are getting more serious. Actors are now going to school to acquire more knowledge. There is a lot of screening involving actors and actresses.

Do you see yourself in Hollywood in the nearest future?
I definitely look forward to doing some stuff in Hollywood. I am not working and staying at the local level. I am looking forward to be recognised internationally. I like to act alongside with folks like Denzel Washington and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Which Nollywood actors will you love to act with?
Ramsey Noah, Genevieve. I am in preparation to do a movie with Genevieve.

What do you do for fun?
Watch movies. I like to stay indoors; I'm not an outdoor person. I don't have friends, not because I am anti-social, for me it's all about my family. When I am not shooting a movie, I love to be with them.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
I look forward to being one of the biggest directors/movie makers, not only in Ghana but everywhere, basically all parts of the world, while still acting in my own movies. The more I make movies, the more you see me on TV. I am looking forward to be in the forefront of the Ghanaian movie industry. The first movie I intend to direct is a love story with a murder mystery. The whole feature is a twist and turn which makes it really interesting. I think I am going to make a break with my first movie. It's different; it's not your usual love story.

Modelling has become a trend with actors/actresses, are you a model too?
Not yet; I haven't had any offer. I am looking forward to being on billboards; I dreamt about it when I was young. I used to model when I was 13 but when I gained weight I stopped!

Any misconception you would love to address?
I want people to know that the fact that I don't mingle with people doesn't mean that I 'm anti- social or bitchy. I am different, very down- to- earth and humble; I get calls saying I am this and that. For instance, when I'm in location I don't normally sit or chart around like others. I just do my job and leave. At times they say I don't want to be their friends and that I 'm too proud and contrary to that I'm a simple person.

Would you tell us about your marital life?
I am not married yet and I don't see any wedding coming soon.

How is your relationship with Jackie and Van?
We are very, very good friends. It is better having a friendly relationship with one another, so when acting, it flows and looks more natural. Since Van and Jackie are the people I normally act with, I have established that friendly relationship. Jackie, Van and I are all very good friends.