I’m back—says Ras Kimono

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Ras Kimono
Ras Kimono
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Why did you stay long away from home?

No problem my brother, I was only taking a long sabbatical to re-discover myself musically and secondly to grow with my kids for a while before I hit the road again.

And since your relocation to America, how have you been surviving? May we know some of the shows you performed, where and who you have played with?

Yes. I have been doing some private shows here and there just to make ends meet, I performed some shows in B.B. King night club in New York and Zanzibar club in Washington D.C.And I have done a lot of private shows like St Gregory Old Student College re-union here in Atlanta and some that I can't even remember anymore because it's been a long while.

We heard you are working in Alex Zitto' s studio for your new album. Why Alex Zitto's studio and how far have you gone with the recording?

I have finished the mixing and mastering of my new album, and why I used Alex Zitto's Studio is because he has one of the best up to date studio equipment, in fact he has a state of the art Studio, Trust me on that. And most definitely, he is looking forward to coming home because he is working on his album too and Alex is fine and doing very well.

Now let's go back to your new works, how many tracks do you have in the album and how long did it take to record the album and who produced it?

I have nine tracks on the Reggae album and two extra tracks that are something different from Ras Kimono's stylee as singles.

If the company that will sign me on likes them, I will drop it for them to release as singles and let the people see my other side. It took me about ten months to record this album and it was produced by me, Alex Zitto and a brother called Chilly.

Were live horns used as you used to and who played the role?

Yes. I used live horns as usual and it was played by me and Kenny Nightingale of the Fuzzy brothers fame. Apart from the live horns every instrument like the guitars, keyboard, bass guitar and percussions were also recorded live.

Are you sure of a record deal in America and if yes who are the possibilities?

For now I'm not in discussion with any label in America but if a deal comes my way I will appreciate it..

Competition is quite tough here, the youths seem to have taken over and Hip- Hop rules. Do you think what you have, has the slightest chance of swaying the new generation to Kimono?

Hear me out my brethren, I'm not in competition with the new generation of musicians playing Hip-Hop because none of them is playing Reggae music. But my believe is that there more than one million Nigerians who are still in love with Reggae music in our society and I know these people will definitely follow Ras Kimono.

So, I'm not perturbed with what is going on back home. The first time I hit the music there big time musicians like Sonny Okosuns, Oliver, De-Coque, King Sunny Ade, Onyeka Onwenu, Christy Essien-Igbokwe and lots of other musicians, but I still found my bearing in the market. So I will still bet here doing my thing while the younger ones do their thing too.

How easy is it for a Nigerian musician living in America to survive as a musician?

My brother living in America as a Nigerian musician isn't easy to survive. It's a hand-to-mouth affair, believe that man. Most of them do extra jobs to make ends meet. I'm in contact with most of the Nigerian musicians here in America and I think each and everyone of them is thriving real hard to survive.

How is your family doing and when are they going to visit home?

You know that most of the time, I don't like discussing my family in the pages of newspaper, but one thing I must tell you is that Sybil and my kids are fine in Jesus Name, Amen. And one of these days they will come home and everybody will know too.

Any final word for your fans back home?

Tell the people that finally, the most electrifying, the Icon, the Legend, the Veteran, the Rub-A-Dub Master, Ras Kimono is back on the block again. So they should watch out for my coming big this year by the power of The Most High, Jah Rastafari. Peace and Love to all my Fans out there and thanks for the opportunity you've given to me to reach my fans at home. Jah bless.

... As Fada U-Turn returns

The king of Galala music Fada U-Turn is now set to drop his long awaited third album Okiki (Stardom) on his own record label Shakara Sounds. The move followed his separation from his former label, Bayowa records.

The album which contains tracks like Omo Na Camera, Oga Na Landlord, Isaac amongst several others, was produced by Nelson Brown, Fada U- Turn and Puffy T.
Due to be released officially into the market May 27, the album will be marketed and distributed nationwide by Obaino music Alaba.

In the words of one of his close aides the petite singer from Kogi State is also set to storm Sun City in South Africa where he is expected to work with some of the best hands in the production industry on his new musical video.

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